Canada and United Kingdom In 2040

Jasmeet Tapasi


Canada takes around 250,000 immigrants every year.

The types of immigrants that Canada will allow is refugees, family class, skilled workers and business class.

The top three countries which people immigrant to Canada from are India, China and Philippines

Canada 2014 & Push and Pull factors 2014

Canada's population increased by 276,297 (0.79%) in 2014

The natural increase is 357,274 – 277,339 = 79,935

The net migration is 196,326

Growth rate is 1.15%

Fertility rate is 1.66

Median age is 40.3

22% of the population is over 60

Pull factors

  • Better education opportunities

  • More access to jobs

  • Free Health care

  • It is a multicultural country

Push factors

  • Taxes

  • Climate

United Kingdom 2014 & Push and Pull factors

UK's population increased by 338,119

The natural increase is 3.01

The net migration rate is 158,113

Growth rate is 1.7%

Fertility rate is 1.9

Median age is 40.4

Pull factors are

  • Landscape and culture

  • Welfare and housing

  • Asylum Policy

Push factors

  • Not good job access

  • Not equal rights for different sexual orientations

Canada 2040

The median age in 2040 for Canada probably would be around 45-50 years old.

The fertility rate would most likely be 1.44.

The percentage of population over 60-65 would be around 30-36%

In the year 2040 Canada's median age is going to increase and the fertility rate will most likely decrease. The percentage of population over 60-65 is going to increase because of better education, health care and better access to jobs ect.

Push and Pull factors 2040 (United Kingdom & Canada)

Push factors

  • Taxes

  • Natural Hazards

Pull factors

  • Better Education

  • More job access and opportunities

  • Health care is improved

United Kingdom 2040

The median age would be around 51-55 years old.

The population in UK is set to reach around 73m people.

One in four of the entire population of UK would be aged over 65.

In 2040 United Kingdom's median age would increase and so would the population over 65 years old. This is all affected by the positive improvements of health care, more education and better development of jobs.