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August 21, 2020

Dear Inspire Families:

For so many of our families, the stress and anxiety of the pandemic has been compounded by the wildfires burning all over our state. Especially for students directly affected by the Camp Fire in 2018, just venturing outside can feel overwhelming.

Please reach out to us if your child is in need of mental health supports. We can work to make sure he/she/they are connected with effective resources. You can also contact their counselors directly:

Marcus Hopkins at

Tasha Teeter at

While it may not feel like it right now, we will get through this together.

With gratitude and hope,

Becky Brown


Inspire School of Arts & Sciences

(530) 230-7758

In better news...

This morning, I visited Jim White's Recording Arts class. Students took a quiz on that tested their knowledge of audio recording. I did very badly and they did very well. My brain "hertz" from all the knowledge I gained in a few short minutes. Mr. White showed an example of an audio recording that was too quiet, and demonstrated ways that students could boost the sound in Pro Tools. He also shared ways for students to edit and combine separate audio and video recordings to create a collaborative performance. He shared an example of the Jim White, Jim White, Jim White, and Jim White quartet playing "Bare Necessities." You can see the performance below, along with student reactions in the Zoom chat!
The Bare Necessities
Big picture

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Attendance During Distance Learning

It's important to note that attendance is still mandatory for students during distance learning. School starts at 8:30, and students need to log into their Zoom class session on time. If they are late, they will be marked tardy. If they are more than 30 minutes late, or they leave class before noon, they will be marked absent.

If your child cannot attend school, you will need to call the office at (530) 891-3090 to excuse the absence.

DON'T FORGET: Advisory is held on Fridays at 1:00. Attendance is mandatory for Advisory.

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