Container home Project

By: Cole Pearson

Volume Diagrams


Final Container Pics

Top View

End Refelction

Container home Reflection

For my design I wanted something that had a lot of space more than you would normally have for a container home. Since most of these home have less space than a normal home so I tried to get something as spacious as possible. While also having space I wanted good views and an overall good looking home.

One main issue with my design is the opening room has really has nothing going on but a room. And there are not many closets there is actually one to be exact. But overall I think the design for my house is going pretty well.

For sustainable features the are many solar panels and windmills on top of the house. The wind mills themselves produce energy and use the air to generate a significant amount of water for the house. While for waste I went for a modern septic tank.

I would probably place my container home on a mountain in Alaska for greater wind and sunlight. While having a great view for the residence. For the almost 4 months of darkness in southern Alaska the windmills will be the main source of energy.

Cole Pearson 7th Period, Priciples Of Architecture And Construction