Beyond clueless!

By: Linas Alsenas.

Power in the writing.

I found it powerful when, the characters are not afraid to show there true colors. A lot of the people in this book are gay which means its hard for them to fit in with people and to make things worse Marty-a freshman at a new school- is split up from one of her best friends who happens to be gay. Jimmy is having a lot of trouble dealing with bullies at his school and without his best friend he has no one to talk to about it. Jimmy says on page 2 "What have I ever done to deserve this" he is saying this to one of his biggest bullies and is having a hard time coping without his best friend. I think its always good to have a friend around to talk to.


i would recommend this book to someone who likes drama and plays. This book is based around how Marty gets a part in the school play and every thing goes down hill from there.