Sieur de La salle

Read to discover his journey in the USA


Erin Moreira-Zepeda

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Early life

Rene-Robert Cavelier Sieur De la Salle was a French explorer. He was born in Rouen in northern France in 1643. The first place he traveled was Mississippi River and was looking at the blue water in the Golf of Mexico. Then he had explored all the way to the end of the south of Mississippi. He was the first explorer European to treavel the south end of Mississippi. Back then the people of France had half of the property of USA that was called Louisiana. La salle went to a school run by priest. When he was a kid he was a very good student and he loved to do math. So he decided to not be a priest.

Off to a Rough start

King Louis loved la Salle plan. King Louis even gave la salle award. so king Louis let la salle explore Mississippi to its mouth. The only problem for la salle was that he had to pay the trip him self. La salle needed a lot of money. So he had to borrow money from France. Two of hes man became his close friend at his last 1679. La salle lunched the griffin on the Niagara river. Then the griffin crossed the lake. Eric and sailed up to the lake huron. After the griffin left la salle pushed on by canoe. So after all that he went back and waited for the griffin to come back.