Webster Central School District

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January 5, 2022

Dear Webster CSD Families,

Thank you for your continued support as we returned from Winter Recess on Monday! While some may look to a new year for renewal and possibility, WCSD’s staff has been working hard to stay the course and keep our schools open. Here are a few updates:

Student Test Kits

COVID-19 test kits will be distributed today to students who opted in to receive them. There is no requirement for our students to test, however this is an option to help parents access testing for their children. Please remember that a negative home test cannot be used to send a child back to school after an illness. Students must follow the linked protocol after an illness.

Emergency Closure Plans

As we do every winter, the district has emergency closure plans in place for inclement weather or other emergency situations. We are committed to doing everything we can to stay open. Staffing shortages are occurring around our community, not just in schools. We are using all available personnel to keep our schools open. If we do need to use emergency closure days, often called snow days, we will. Remote learning would not be our first contingency plan, however, it is among many options included in our planning.

In an emergency situation, we would always try to have school for students safely on campus. Our contingency plans include staggered bus runs or moving one or more schools to remote learning (for example, moving just 9-12 to remote or moving just 6-12 to remote, etc.). We will communicate with families as soon as possible in case of an emergency closing possibility as we are aware of the impact this would have on our entire school community.

Substitute Openings

We are in need of substitute teachers, teaching assistants, aides, nurses, and health aides. Please see the requirements below. Fingerprint costs will be reimbursed by the district. Click here to apply for substitute openings.

  • Substitute Teachers: Bachelor’s degree or 60 college credits and NYS fingerprint clearance,

  • Substitute Teaching Assistants and Aides: Graduation from high school or possession of a High School Equivalency Diploma and NYS fingerprint clearance.

Updated COVID-19 Protocol Information (As of 1/5/22)

As a reminder, the following are current New York State Department of Health protocols:

  1. If your child tested positive for COVID-19, they may not attend school until the 10 day isolation is complete. Isolation is calculated adding 10 days to the date of symptom onset (or positive test date if they had no symptoms). Once a student tests positive, isolation REMAINS 10 days.

  2. If your child has been exposed to someone who tests positive for COVID-19, quarantine remains 10 days. Students may not test out of quarantine unless exposure occurred at school (see #5 below). Day one of quarantine is the first day after the last day of unmasked exposure to the positive individual. (Webster CSD staff members have received updated information specifically about quarantine for school staff.)

  3. If your child is fully vaccinated (at least 14 days past the second shot) on the last date of exposure, then your child may attend school as long as they remain without symptoms. If your child develops symptoms during this 10 day quarantine, your child needs to isolate at home and seek a medical evaluation and PCR testing.

  4. If your child is not vaccinated and has a known exposure to someone who tested positive, they may not attend school until the 10 day quarantine period is complete. If your child develops symptoms during this 10 day quarantine, your child needs to isolate at home and seek a medical evaluation and PCR testing.

  5. NYS has changed Test to Stay guidelines. Students may only participate in Test to Stay if they were exposed at school. Students who have household or social exposure do not qualify for the Test to Stay program. Your school nurse will reach out to you if your child meets these new requirements.

  6. Negative home test results are not permissible for return to school after illness. In order to return to school, a negative test must be performed by a healthcare provider office or a laboratory.

  7. Students who develop new, unusual, or worsening symptoms associated with COVID-19 who have no known exposure to COVID-19 should stay home from school and seek a medical evaluation and/or COVID-19 testing. Rapid antigen or PCR testing is acceptable in the absence of any known exposure.

Please be sure to notify your child’s health office as soon as possible if your child has tested positive for, or has been exposed to an individual with, COVID-19. Your school nurse can help you navigate the process, since the Monroe County Department of Public Health is taking several days to trace positive cases. COVID-19 school information can be found HERE.

We want to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude for our students, our staff, and all of you as we continue this journey together.

All my best,

Brian Neenan

Superintendent of Schools