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Lesson 10 Starts Today

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What to Look Forward to in this lesson: أهداف تعليم الدرس العاشر

In this lesson, you will learn :

  • The importance of clothes in learning the lifestyle of Arabs.
  • Different types of traditional Arabic clothes and their characteristics.
  • The characteristics of traditional clothes in modern days.
  • Food, and it’s importance for Arabs.
  • Some of the famous dishes in Arab countries.
  • Converting singular nouns to plural and its applications in reading and writing.
  • How to use the dual and plural nouns with personal pronouns.
مفردات الدرس العاشر- WATCH: Lesson 10 Vocabulary Video

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What assignments are due by Sunday, November 23 الواجبات

واجبات الدرس العاشر

  • L. 10 Assignment 10.1: Listening
  • L.10 Assignment 10.2: Shopping Presentation
  • L. 10 Assignment 10.3: Grammar
  • L. 10 Assignment 10.4: Coaching Sessions
  • L. 10 End of Lesson 10 Quiz:
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Famous Traditional Arabic Clothes

أشهر الملابس التقليدية العربية

Styles of clothes differ from time to time according to colors and style. They could also differ among Arab countries according to location and climate. Through a quick tour to one or more of the 23 Arab countries, it is easy to identify that the traditional dress "العباءة" is the most common dress for both men and women but in different designs. With the changes of modern lifestyle, people - especially الشباب - started shifting to wearing more modern clothes .

1. The Jebbeh "الجبّة" which is a robe used with the gown for men and women.

2. The habra "الحبرة" which is a mantle made of black silk and covers women’s body.

3. The Caftan "القفطان" is a long and loose black dress with long sleeves and a wrapper under the front. It is worn by men and women.

4. The Burqa "البرقع" is for women only to cover their faces.

5. The Koffiyeh (Kufiya) "الكوفية" and the headdress "العقال" the traditional clothes of men. They are a head cover that protect from the sun and dust and are of great importance considering their significance related to the dignity and manners of Arabs.

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