Trauma Surgeon

Brooklyn Kristek

Education and Training

-undergraduate degree (4 yrs.)

-medical school (4 years.)

-general surgeon residency (3+ yrs.)

-9-13 yrs in all

-you would go to a college or university for your undergraduate degree and med school, and you would do on the job training at a hospital for your residency


-average: $356,000

-Dallas area (average): $358,000

Job Skills, Talents, and Experience

-skills one should have: active listening, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, science, instructing,time management, and coordination

-personality traits one should have: personable and have leadership qualities, and be good at instructing and staying calm during high stress situations

-personality traits/skills i currently have and how i am suited for this career: critical thinking, leadership, instructing, science, and personable

-where one could gain experience: at an internship, shadowing a trauma surgeon, med school, and residency


-growth potential- 18% (rather high for this field)

-factors that influence available jobs in this field: where you live, number of hospitals/medical offices in the area,economy, and number of other people that want or already have the same job

Typical Day

-evaluating and treating patients in trauma (E.R.)

-performing surgical procedures in operating room

-attending patients closely

-hours: usually 12 hours a day (typically 7 am- 7 pm)

-best parts of day: saving lives and helping patients acquire health

-worst parts of day: long hours, or not being able to save a patient from dying


-personality traits/ skills i have that make me suited for this job: I am very personable, I have leadership qualities, I am a critical thinker, and I can work in intense and stressful situations very well. These qualities and skills are skills needed to be a successful trauma surgeon.

-real life experiences: I have been to a morgue and worked with the bodies to better understand medical terminology and surgery last year in Principles of Health Science.