The Communism Connection

Charly Hemmings


Communism is a government in which everyone is equal and there is no class system. The countries that we will focus on are China, North and South Korea, and Vietnam.
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Mao Zedong's road to communism in China

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Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong was a poor farmer who had just enough money to go to school. He liked the idea of everyone being equal so he took over and made China a communist The country. Here's how.
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Tiananmen Square

This was when tons of college students got fed up with communism and protested. Many people died after tanks rolled through the streets with no remorse or care in the world. One strong man stood in front of the tanks to try to stop them, which worked but bystanders pushed him away to saftey.

The Vietnam war

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Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh was the leader of communist Vietnam.

The Vietnam war

The Vietnam war was when part of Vietnam wanted to be communist and the other part wanted to be democratic.

The Korean War

The Korean War began when communist North Korea crossed the 38th parallel to invade the southern democratic Koreans. the US got involved because we believed the domino affect would happen. This means we thought every country would soon be communist. We did not want that.

So, did containment of communism work?

Containment of communism worked. The countries I stated have economic problems like the Great Leap Forward in China and basic economic problems in North Korea. With all the wars that happened money is lost and so are people. So why would they try to take over with the terrible problems now, and make another bad government?