What Is A Meteor ???

A Meteor is a small body of matter from outer space that enters Earth's atmosphere appearing as a streak of light. Meteors are bits of dust and rocks. Meteors burn up 60 miles before they get close to Earth's atmosphere. Meteor means "Suspended In Air".

Physical Properties Of A Meteor ~

Physical properties are the characteristics of someone or something. Some physical properties or characteristics of a Meteor are : They are parts of other asteroids, some are icy, Meteors are bits of dust and rock and small chunks of stone, the size range of a Meteor is from a grain of sand to the size of a baseball,if the Meteor is 10 minutes in diameter then it is not called a Meteor it is called an Asteroid, and last Meteors are known as "SHOOTING STARS".

Location Of A Meteor ~

Location of Meteors are mostly found between Mars and Saturn. Since some Meteors are fast they move about 26 miles per second and can possibly enter the Earth's atmosphere. Meteors enter Earth's atmosphere almost every night !

Movement Of Meteors

Meteors movement is based on size and speed the Meteor is going. For example, big and fast is deadly unless not so close to the Earth, which would make it a shooting star. Also, the fact of matter depends on the size and shape and the way the Meteor is facing.