Web Developer and Dream job

A flyer made by Brandon Briones

Web Developer?

Have you ever wanted to make a website so cool that it'll make all your friends jealous? Well being a web developer is right for you! And if you never worked before or have had experience in the working field its alright you don't need any! Earning a median annual wage of $62.500!

My dream job would have to be...being a robotics engineer!

What is required to be a robotic engineer? A Bachelor of Science degree is required for most entry-level robot engineering jobs. An undergraduate B.S. degree in robotics engineering, computer engineering, electro-mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or mechanical engineering allows graduates to work in robotic engineering. A master's degree in electrical or mechanical engineering is necessary for many advanced and managerial positions. A Ph.D. is required for design and research positions.


Median Annual Salary? earning about $80,580!

Which universities offer my career of choice?

The university of Pennsylvania, purdue unversity, and university of georgia.