Smokeless tobacco

What is chew?

Chew is a type of smokeless tobacco product. It must be manually crushed with teeth to release flavor and the nicotine.

How is the drug taken into your body?

The nicotine in the piece of chewing tobacco is absorbed through the mouth tissues.

street/slang names

  • chad
  • dip
  • snarl
  • wad
  • snuff
  • chew
  • plug
  • spit
  • snus
  • smokeless tobacco

How does this drug affect the body?

Short term effects

  • addiction
  • producing white leathery sores in the mouth
  • faster heart beat
  • unnatural decrease in appetite
  • drooling- Chewing makes juice and if you swallow the juice it makes you sick
Long term effects

  • Tobacco kills
  • Heart disease
  • cancer
  • lung disease
  • reproductive damage
  • birth defects
  • sensitivity in mouth area

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signs of abuse

  • Boosts mood, may relieve miner depression
  • creates more saliva
  • causes sweating, nausea, or diarrhea
  • increase in blood pressure
  • stimulates memory and alertness - people who use tobacco often depend on it to help them accomplish certain tasks and perform well.


Tobacco contains nicotine, a substance the excites the parts of the brain that makes you feel good. The nicotine quickly gives you a mild rush of pleasure and energy. But it soon wears off, which makes you want to keep using it, causing you to get addicted.