Shoes also have souls

Shoes have found a way to 'step' in our daily lives

Let's be honest. No shoes, no service and even if you hate shoes you still to have wear them. But shoes these days cost way to much to be walking around in Chicago with. Snow and rain end up on the ground, yet both fall from the sky. Sure, there have been inventions that cover the bottom of your shoes, but what about the top?

"I just couldn't believe this product, it has even helped my shoe line." Says star athlete, Michael Jordan.


Shoebrella is a device that buckles on top of your shoes for protection. It wraps around the bottom of the shoe and sticks out on top! The umbrella nicely folds up and down. To do this just click your heels three times and...BAM! It works with every single pair of shoes, even high heels!

Don't 'boot' my idea, buy it!

Made of 1000% metal these devices are guaranteed to last in any weather condition! And only for a low cost of $20.00!

Average 7th Grade boy at WJHS says,

"Everyone at school is getting them to protect their J's! They are the! I can even wear them in basketball now because people can't step on them!"

Shoebrellas are perfect for anyone! They protect your shoes from any weather condition, even fading from the sun! Plus your shoes won't get stepped on! No more paying for new shoes or trying to get them repaired! Not to mention you will fit in and look super cool!

Over 1 million shoebrellas sold in the US!

And completely American Made!