Political Cartoon Project

John Evanich and Rebecca Weingartner 4A

Cartoon 62: "What do they expect us to do -- listen to the kids pray at home?"

Publisher- The Washington Post

Year - 1963

Subject - Separation of church and state

Context- 1963 Supreme Court decision to ban praying in school


1. Labeling - the newspaper article is labeled to emphasize the purpose and the context

2. Irony - The father's question "What.." is ironic because what he asking is what JFK expects families to do

Purpose - to display the views of a religious parent on the ban of religious practices from schools

Cartoon 91: "Except for those of us who are above it"

Publisher- The Washington Post

Year- 1977

Subject- US District Court, CIA and FBI

Context- A CIA head went under trial for failing to fully report a situation, and the CIA and FBI were questioned on how much they should keep citizens under surveillance


1. Symbolism- the courthouse represents the law, and showing the CIS and FBI agents sitting on top of it symbolizes how they have special privileges

2. Exaggeration- large labels, emphasizing and exaggerating the men's position and prominence in the government

Purpose- to represent the double standards under which the government has been functioning

Cartoon 120: "Kids these days! Craziness in schools, movies, and video games- terrible! Here, try this dandy!"

Publisher- The Washington Post

Year- 1999

Subject- aftermath of the Columbine High School shooting

Context- the Columbine shooting occurred after other firearm incidents in the US. This cartoon discusses how much children are exposed to guns and how easy they are to access


1. Labeling- "Guns" is labeled multiple times in a large font to emphasize the focus placed on them

2. Exaggeration- the size of the handguns is largely exaggerated to show how dangerous they can be, but how accessible they are

3. Irony- the men are talking about how children are exposed to guns and violence through school and media, yet they are playing with firearms for fun

Purpose- the show the hypocrisy of adults who believe that children only get negative influences from the media