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April 2015

The Softer, Sweeter Side of Sales

When Being Passive-Aggressive is A-OK

Being in business for yourself and wanting to be successful means that you'll never be able to avoid being a sales person ... at least some of the time. Whether you decide to be a hard sell (more aggressive strategies that use stronger selling tactics) or a soft sell (more passive strategies that use more subtle tactics) is up to you. In fact, there may be instances when one would work better over the other -- or even a mixture of the two -- with a particular customer.
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The trick is learning what sort of customer base you are looking for (or already have) with which to work, and then incorporating your selling tactics into a sales practice that works well for you. For better or for worse, I've found that most women prefer to use soft selling techniques; that is not to say you won't run into a woman who's perfected her own brand of hard selling, but most women who are in Direct Sales employ the less aggressive model.

Keep in mind that it is possible to take "too soft" an approach. You won't want to spend so much time and energy on updating your personal blog that you forget to use it as a platform for selling. Spend too much time Tweeting with your potential clients that you don’t even make any business proposals, and you may end up with nothing to show for all of your hard work.
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Whichever approach you use, there’s one thing you should always do as you wrap it up: ask for the order. Otherwise, your approach won’t even count as “selling” at all. And after all, you are in business to sell ... that's where the MONEY is. And, I like making money. Don't you?
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