Hire Ruby on Rails Developer

Ruby on Rails (ROR) is an open-source ruby programming language. ‘Rails’ signifies entire track and ‘Ruby’, the individual part of that track. Looking like this, Rails can’t exist without Ruby, which makes Ruby a large part of ROR. ROR is one of the most popular web development frameworks. It allows increased functionality with an object-based programming language. It creates a new dynamic method of web design. It is also a full-stack framework, hence it allows the development of pages and applications using information from the web server, even though Rails is independent of the web server.

Ruby on Rails has the ability to handle enterprise loads. Many high-profile consumers are opting for ROR for rapidly building scalable web applications, since it has the potential to emerge as a strong alternative platform. Since companies seek improved agility, time to market and development speed, ROR provides the next-generation enterprise applications. ROR focuses on information delivery instead of physical product delivery. ROR is on fire because it provides a programming framework that includes easily configurable components which is commonly used for the creation of web-based applications. ROR has low risk concern and hence many companies are leveraging it in the core of their products and services.

For the development of ROR, the developer should have an in-depth knowledge in CMS, Hosting, Ajax Solution, layout designing, web services integration, migration and porting, proficiency in Open Source technologies, Scaffold operations, validations, relationship mapping and other strategies for building an application robust and productive. A good developer will have experience in Rails2/ Rails33, Oracle, JavaScript, MVC, SASS, HAML, DHTML, Github, Web 2.0 and HTML5/CSS3.

Since its release in December 2005, over 600,000 websites are presently running on it. ROR is the language that brings market growth and trends. ROR saves significant time and cost and builds highly scalable web apps, hence looking at its future, we will continue to see many companies choosing it. Hire a professional developer who is well-trained for the development of secure and robust web applications.