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December 2014

Happy Holidays to all of our families! It has been an amazing time in first grade so far. I'd like to thank you for your constant support and help with all of our endeavors. I wish you all a wonderful Winter Break and a Happy New Year! I am looking forward to our adventures in 2015!

"Celebrating Differences"

In preparation for this "Appreciating Differences" Day on December 19th, we discussed at Morning Meeting how each child in 1-Z is unique and special. Here are some of the responses students gave about one another:

Tatem is artistic.

Timmy is a hard worker.

Olivia is good at cheering people up.

Sofia is funny.

Eli is a good friend.

Caroline is a good listener.

Adam is a good writing partner.

Megan has a great laugh.

Abby is patient and a good friend.

Lauren is sweet.

Rafa is funny and fast.

Blake likes when people make her laugh.

Erik is great at math.

Jack is a good sport.

Hutch is athletic.

Dominic is kind to friends.

Patrick is helpful.

Jackson knows a lot about space!

1-Z in our Favorite Outfits! 12-19-14

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In case you missed it, here is the link to view the video we shared at November's Community Meeting. The First Graders did a fantastic job creating book character pumpkins and sharing them with us. The password to view the video is: haddon .
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