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A message for Dallas ISD Math CICs : 1.3

What is "In The Know?"

This message is intended to inform and inspire Math education leaders in the DISD community. You can look forward to relevant resources, research, links and other helpful items that support our work of cultivating effective mathematics teaching and learning. In The Know welcomes teachers, coaches and administrators to view and share its content.

Just-In-Time December 2015

As always, it was so great to collaborate with all of you at our monthly training session. This month's focus was increasing the cognitive demand of Math tasks. Often, our teachers number one request is more STAAR-like resources. Empower your teachers! Help them to know that they can modify what they already have (from current resources or textbooks) using what they already know (or learn from you). Recall all the insightful resources we received at the sessions regarding rigor in Math, task modification strategies and high level tasks.

Intersession Work Expectations:

To visit a Math classroom and while observing the entire lesson, script all of the questions you hear the teacher asking (at least 8 questions please). Think about how the questions you scripted impact the lesson and student learning. I have already joined William Whisenhunt at Henry W. Longfellow to do this and it was very enlightening. I plan to try this again at a few more campuses.

Next Session: week of February 8th 2016

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Thomas Jefferson Feeder Pattern Elementary Math CICs working together on the Fraction Line-Up activity. Pictured are CIC JoAnna Bahena (Foster), CIC Sophia Zolezzi (Burnet), CIC Christina Szarzynski (Williams), Math teacher Mr. Vasquez (Knight) and CIC Tamieka Porter (Saldivar). We made a great team!

Think Through Math

Think Through Math (TTM) has been selected as the provider for Texas SUCCESS math resource for grades 3–5, grades 6–8, and Algebra I. TTM is prepared to begin providing service once the contract is finalized. This contract will end on August 31, 2017. At this time, districts can begin planning for use of the selected program to provide accelerated instruction to students in grades 3–5, grades 6–8, and Algebra I.

Please be sure to distribute this information to all vested parties to ensure students and their parents/guardians have this info so that children may be able to access the program from home as this initiative has been purchased to provide assistance to all students in the state of Texas. Please take advantage of this!

You can access additional information about the Texas SUCCESS Initiative with the link below which includes information for both Math and Reading.

Student Success Initiative (Texas SUCCESS) Online Accelerated Instruction Resources


STAAR Resources

Here is a list of informative resources, all from Lead4ward, to help make sense of the upcoming assessments and be prepared.

STAAR Quick Look Overview 2015-2016

Comprehensive, detailed and easy to read. All contents. All grades.

2016 STAAR Progress Measure Chart

Summarizes the cut points for assigning progress categories for the 2016 STAAR Progress Measure: Did Not Meet Progress, Met Progress and Exceeded Progress

Most Tested Process Standards

All contents

Frequency tables for all contents detailing the number of items in the 2015 STAAR assessments that were dual coded. Information is by process standard by grade level by content.

Questions per Standard 2015

Math only

Another frequency table detailing the items assessed in the 2015 STAAR assessments by SE. A grade level per page broken down by Readiness, Supporting and by Process.

2015 STAAR Raw Conversions

Reports the scale score cut points and corresponding raw score conversion cut points for the Spring 2015 STAAR assessments in Grades 3-8 and EOCs for

· Level II-Phase 1,

· Level II-Phase 2,

· the Proposed New Standard Progression Phase-In for 2015-16,

· Final Recommended

· and Level III (Advanced).

The Raw score cut points reported for the Proposed New Standard Progression Scale Score Cut points for 2015-16 are approximate equivalents had the New Standard Progression Scale Score Cut points been in effect in the Spring of 2015.

TEA State Accountability Overview (ENGLISH)

TEA State Accountability Overview

TEA State Accountability Overview (SPANISH)

Descripción general de Rendición de Cuentas del Estado


  • Grade 3 Math (Eng & Sp): Mon. May 9, 2016 (report date: 06/15/16)
  • Grade 4 Math (Eng & Sp): Mon. May 9, 2016 (report date: 06/15/16)
  • Grade 5 Math (Eng & Sp): Tues. Mar 29, 2016 (report date: 04/19/16)
  • Grade 5 Math RETEST: Mon, May 9, 2016: M5 (Eng & Sp) (report date: 05/31/16)
  • Grade 6 Math: Mon. May 9, 2016 (report date: 06/15/16)
  • Grade 7 Math: Mon. May 9, 2016 (report date: 06/15/16)
  • Grade 7 (Pre-AP taking M8 STAAR): Thur. Mar 31, 2016 (report date: 04/19/16)
  • Grade 8 Math: Tues, Mar 29, 2016 (report date: 04/19/16)
  • Grade 8 Math RETEST: Mon, May 9, 2016 (report date: 05/31/16)
  • Algebra I EOC: WINDOW of May 2 - 6, 2016 (report date: 06/03/16)

District wide Testing Calendar


  • Student reference materials need to be used on a regular basis to ensure students are taking full advantage of them during instruction and testing. This includes the formula chart as well as the ruler printed on the edge of the paper, the included grid paper and exposure on how to properly bubble their griddable responses.

  • Algebra I EOC: The state will only assess the overlapped curriculum. Keep this in mind and be sure your Algebra I teachers know this and are strategic about preparing students as we approach the assessment date.

  • Remember who can use a calculator and be sure your instruction includes use of them for those applicable courses. (M7 Pre-AP +)


A Google folder has been created to house the TJFP. Click on the appropriate folder to view Fall 2015 Math Assessment of Course Performance data comparisons.

Be sure to use your DISD credentials to access the files.


Be aware that if a course has a state assessment in May, the district will not provide a Spring ACP. Be sure your teachers are aware and plan accordingly. Please check the test dates above and also check with your campus testing coordinator.
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