Ha Long Bay

By Riyamol Johnson

Ha Long Bay?

Ha long bay is a set of many small islands between Cat Ba in the South and Vietnamese mainland in the west and northern parts.

The mainland is always heavily populated with many towns and villages and is surrounded by mountains. Ha long bay is a World Heritage-Listed site. The site is of great interest to tourists.

Ha Long Bay is made out of Limestone then overtime the joints will be enlarged by erosion and weathering. the joints and bedding planes are formed which water can run down.the joints will also be enlarged by weathering as the movement is continuing. Over time these joints will get bigger and bigger.

It is a soluble rock which is easily dissolved so that caves will also be formed through solution and hydraulic action. The joints and the caves will eventually meet. The water that's running down will dissolve the rock by solution, the rock will then break away leaving a stack or a 'Karst'. After that The lime stone will also be weather by the vegetation at the top and over time, this process will repeat leading to many karst's forming.


Ha long bay is a World Heritage-listed site. This means it is a popular tourist destination.It is heavily populated thought out the year. Many people visit Ha long bay to see the great views, its peaceful and relaxing place to see. That is why it is a popular destination.

1. Why hasn't the change over time at Ha long bay effected the tourists that come ?

2. What do tourists find to be most interesting about Ha long Bay?

3. With all the visits to Ha long bay, how are they protecting the site from being over populated and litter free?

What if it was no longer peaceful?

What if it became over populated?

What if Ha long bay was no longer interesting to people?


For hundreds of years, Ha long Bay has been an important part of the culture and history of Vietnam. it only contains a coastline of 120 kilometers, the area has been a big part of life in northern Vietnam. Ha long Bay, also known as Vinh Ha Long, means "Bay of the Descending Dragon". There are approximately 1,969 small islands in the bay, all comprised of different size and form. These islands have intrigued and amazed locals for hundreds of years. There are over 200 species of fish and over 450 species of mollusks in the waters around the bay. These waters now help sustain a community of fisherman, many of them living on floating junks in the water. These communities are close knit and extremely important to the success of the area. This area has also sustained naval wars for hundreds of years. At least three times in history this bay has helped stop the Chinese navy from invading northern Vietnam. This bay was also mined by the United States Navy during the Vietnam war. Many of the mines are still un exploded in the bay, which poses a threat to local fishermen. The area first became popular for tourists in the 19th Century, when French visitors explored the area. It now serves as the most popular tourist attraction and resort community in Vietnam.

1. What proof is their to believe that it was created by a dragon?

2. how does these waters help sustain a community?

3. What will happen if the mines explode?

What if Ha long bay wasn't made by Dragon?

what if the mines explode?

What if Ha long bay was never found to be a visitors site, how would it have effected Vietnam?


Ha Long Bay is a world heritage site in northern Vietnam, and is one of the country’s richest areas for potential development due to its great natural beauty and physical characteristics. However, the area is suffering from increasing pollution due to industrial and urban development, coal mining, and tourism.

1. How can we stop the pollution?

2. should this no longer be a tourist site?

3. how long has this happened for?

What if the pollution keeps increasing?

what if it effects Vietnam?

What if Ha long bay started losing its beauty?


Ha long bay has received more then 6 million visitors , all the money that has be created from this has gone to Vietnam to help the country.

1. How is it Helping Vietnam?

2. Will the Population of visitors continue rising?

3. Where is this money all going? to improve Vietnam?

What if the amount of Visitors increased or decreased?

What if the money isn't benefiting anyone?

what if people lost interested in Ha long bay?


Over all i learned that Ha long bay is a great part of Vietnam. It is a popular destination for people to travel. It receives over 6 million Tourists. it is listed on the World's Heritage site. I learned that many people think Ha long bay was created by a dragon. I learned from the process of S.H.E.E.P.T that you can learn much more about a country or a place then by just researching where it is or what it looks like.

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Halong Bay, Vietnam