By Katy Waters


1. Swaziland has a lot of varieties of food. Such as dairy products, leafy vegetables, roots and fruits.

2. Christianity is the dominant religion.

3. They like to dance. One of the favorite dances is Umhlanga or the 'Reed Dance'


Education in Swaziland is from preschool to high school for general education and training. (GET) Preschool education is for 5 and under.

Most Valuable Natural Resorces

The most valuable resources are mostly minerals coal, clay, small gold. diamond, quarry stone and cassiterite. Cassiterite is a yellowish brownish or reddish mineral.


Swaziland escaped from England in 1968. Some of the oldest mines was discovered in Swaziland. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions.

"Siyinqaba" "We are a fortress" "We are a mystery/riddle" "We hide ourselves away"

Natural Hazards


As you can see, draughts are very dangerous and they killed 500 people in the 1983 draught. In 2001, it affected 970,000 people.