My Break

Destiny Benson

My Christmas Break

My break was extremely busy, my family's plans started the day our break started. We first went to my great grandma's house and celebrated christmas with my step dad's family. I got 60$ and then a tripod for the camera my mom and step dad were getting me. Then a few days later we opened up christmas presents at home and all i got was my camera. A Canon Rebel T3i, which was by far the best gift I received. Then the next day, which was christmas eve, I ended up going to my dad's to celebrate christmas with my step moms parents. I got 6 pairs of fuzzy socks and some more money. My step mom and dad had set up christmas eve baskets with movies, candies, and stuff for baths. Christmas day i went to my grandma's house and saw her and my aunt and cousins for a bit then my dad dropped me off at my grandpa's. There i got several gifts but the best part was having an actual christmas dinner and passing out presents to all of my family and just all together being with them was great. Then the rest of the break i was either shopping, spending time with my boyfriend, running errands, or taking lessons on my camera from my uncle.