Johnson's Jottings

MEA Week 2015

Parent Teacher Conferences

The sign-up for conferences is now online. Please click on the link below to sign up.

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Multiplication Fact Practice

A few weeks ago students brought home triangle shaped multiplication/division flash cards. While some students learned their facts last year in third grade, many student do not have them memorized. So much of what fourth graders learn in math is based on their multiplication facts, so memorizing these facts is extremely important. Practicing these facts every night or at least 2-4 times a week will really help them in learning the rest. I pay them a ticket for my prize auction each time they return the pink slip signed by a parent stating that they practiced 10+ minutes.
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Fire Safety Week after touring the Smoke House with the Litchfield Fire Department

Spelling City

Students use Spelling City each week to practice their spelling words. They can also practice their vocabulary words. I have placed their log-in information for Spelling City and Xtra Math on the inside cover of their planner. Feel free to have your child use these websites to practice their vocabulary and spelling words at home as well as their math. If you are interested in seeing your child's scores for their spelling tests they take each Friday you can view their records for their scores on through their Spelling City account.


It has been exciting to explore Seesaw this year. You will notice that some things we've shared via Seesaw are less personal to you and more or a writing sample. We are using it as a way to blog or journal our weekly writing assignments as they relate to the story of the week in our reading books. Watch for upcoming samples as the kids love knowing that you are seeing their work.