The Temperance Movement

Josefina Roman


Beer And Brandy Make Bad Bargains

Summery of the Reform Movement

The high consumption of alcohol in America caused reformers in the mid-1800s to subject alcohol as the cause of social problems

Societal Problems

  • High rate of alcohol consumption – Five gallons of hard liquor per person in 1820
  • Social problems created by alcohol – poverty, hunger, unemployment, abuse, and crime

Goals/Objectives of the Movement

  • wanted to others to self-discipline themselves in the consumption of alcohol or...
  • complete abstinence of liquor
  • enactment of laws prohibiting the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages
  • improve nations morality – drinking was seen as sinful, impolitic, and dishonorable


Some reformers preferred legal regulation while others advocated persuasion and voluntary abstinence

List of initial success of the movement

  • Factory owners and politicians joined with the reformers – temperance increased workers' output on the job
  • Maine and twelve other states prohibited the manufacture and sale of intoxicating liquors

A Key Person

Neal Dow

In Maine, he argued that consumption of alcohol caused crime and violence in families and convinced the legislature to outlaw the sale and manufacture of alcohol in 1851

A Key Event

Formation of the American Temperance Society

Created in 1826. They preached the abstinence of alcohol by using moral revival techniques. They also tried to convince drinkers to pledge total abstinence of alcohol. It had thousands of members.

Other Movements

It's connected to the women's rights movement. The Woman's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) launched women, more than any other group in the mid 1800s, into reform. The group's goal was to curb alcohol consumption by prohibiting the sales of liquor. Members stood mostly for women and children who were victims of abuse from drunk husbands/fathers. "Through its emphasis on human welfare, the WCTU encouraged women to join the national debate over poverty and inequality of wealth." (America's History)


  • People who donate a LARGE amount of money will get: their nearest saloon closed down
  • People who donate a GOOD amount of money will get: tickets to the latest theater show
  • People who donate a SMALL amount of money will get: Gratitude from the movement people


How to promote this idea?

Get people to lobby their elected representatives to get the bill (prohibiting the sale and consumption of alcohol) introduced to congress so the movement could have a committee hearing.

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