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February 4 - February 28, 2022

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St Gabriel Education Centre is a safe and caring environment where students are given the differentiated, flexible, and engaging learning opportunities that will inspire them to be successful in learning and life.

Principal's Update

Dear St. Gabes students and families,

And here we are . . . half way through our school year and a week into semester 2. I hope you all had a wonderful first semester and are ready for a new semester of fresh and exciting learning! We were pleased to be able to serve over 300 students through St. Gabriel Education Centre this past semester. Please share the good news of our school with your friends and family so that we can continue to provide an excellent alternative to traditional education for students.

You've no doubt noticed that our Learning Management System, Moodle, has now been upgraded. Your courses all look the same but the front page of the site is different and things are in slightly different locations. If you get lost (which I'm sure you won't) feel free to contact us for help. We think that we have ironed out the glitches. If you can't access your classes, please let us know ASAP.

Your teachers have already sent out welcome emails with all the information you need for their seminar times, course outlines and due dates for assignments and exams. Please read through this information closely. Assignments handed in more than a week late will be assessed with an "Not Handed In" and you may receive a zero for that assignment.

We also have added a new "SGEC Academic Dishonesty Policy" to our School Code of Conduct. It is important that you are aware of our policies regarding plagiarism and cheating.

Here's to a great, fresh new beginning!

From our hearts to yours, we wish you many blessings!

Renee Trottier,


February Calendar

February 1 - Semester 2 begins

February 2 - Candlemas and Ground Hog's Day

February 7 - SGEC Parent Council Meeting

February 10-11 - Teacher's Convention. School is closed.

February 14 - Valentine's Day. Come in and receive a Valentines treat today!

February 17 - Random Acts of Kindness Day

February 18 - Professional Development/Staff meeting. School is closed

February 21 - Family Day. School is closed

February 23 - Pink Shirt Day. Wear pink today!

March 1 - Shrove Tuesday - come for a pancake breakfast!

Registration for 2022/2023

If you are interested in registering for next year, please click on the link HERE. You can find out more about St. Gabes by checking out our website or calling one of the staff.

Many of you have joined us online but are still registered at your home base school. If you would like to join St. Gabes as a full time student and not a concurrent student, please fill out the registration package and select "NEW" student and then be sure to check the box in the drop down menu for St. Gabriel Education Centre Outreach. You should also email your school's administration and let them know that you are transferring your child/children to St. Gabes. Please contact Mrs. Trottier if you have questions about this process.

GSACRD Return to School Plan and COVID Update

For the latest updates about our return to school plan and response to COVID, please click on the link below. It is important to remember that you are required to wear your masks for the entire duration of your time at St. Gabriel Education Centre.

School Council

Our next School Council meeting is on February 7 at 6:30pm. We meet once per month except for December and June. All of our meetings are online. You can find the agenda and meeting link on our website under "About Us/School Council".

We look forward to seeing you!


It is your responsibility to return any textbooks and novels that you have from semester 1. Charges will be going out this month for unreturned books.


Just a friendly reminder to park in our lower parking lot when you are coming to the school.

Please do not park in the following areas:

  • our handicapped spot (unless you are handicapped and are coming into the school)
  • in the spots at the front of the building or in the upper lot on top of seven hills
  • in front of our garbage bin (the truck has left our garbage a few times because the bin was blocked).

Catholic Corner

ARISE! Get Up, Get Going and Go with God!

"Arise! I have appointed you as a witness of what you have seen!"

(Acts 26:16)

Our GSACRD Faith theme is in its second year of, "Arise! Get Up, Get Going and Go with God!"

This year, we are focusing on the "Get Going!" part of our theme. How do students, staff and parents know, model and witness Jesus Christ?

Following Jesus

This month we read in the gospel of Matthew (Matthew 4:19) about Jesus and the fishermen and how the disciples followed Jesus. What we can do to be disciples and follow Jesus? This is a perfect story for a month focused on kindness and faith in humanity.

God loves us so passionately that he enters fully into the messiness of our lives, stinking nets and all. And just like it was for Peter, God will come to us in the ordinariness of our lives to bring his message of love to the world.

When we listen to an upset friend, even though we are busy, God shows that He cares deeply for us. When we help a neighbour, God shows that He is always present in our lives. When we listen with faith, the most ordinary moments of our daily lives can be a call to follow Christ’s way of self-giving love.

When we celebrate the Eucharist, we show that we believe that God comes to us through the ordinary things in life. Simple bread and wine become Christ’s Body and Blood and we become the gift of God’s presence to our world.

When our thoughts and actions show that we care for others, this is how God is present in our lives. God created us to share His message in our world so even when it’s hard to see or feel God, just remember the last time that someone smiled at you, or complimented you, maybe someone helped you with something - that is God being present in your life.

Prayer for discipleship

Father all-powerful, you watch over us and care for us as your beloved children. Help us always to care for others with the same mercy that you have shown us.

Through Christ our Lord.


(adapted from the Sunday Missal)

Mental Health and Wellness

Don't forget to check out our "Mental Health and Wellness" section on our website for wellness ideas, tips, resources and sessions that are being offered. Click on "community supports" for information about services in St. Albert and area to support you or your family.

Random Acts of Kindness and Pink Shirt Day

During the month of February, try to focus on helping and being kind to others. If you share pictures of yourself doing random acts of kindness with Mrs. Trottier, we can post them on our social media channels.

February is Pink Shirt Day so don't forget to wear pink that day! You can usually purchase the T-shirts at London Drugs or online at

Big picture
Big picture
Kindness can be the norm.

Counselling at SGEC

Our school counsellor at St. Gabriel Education Center is Mrs. Tracy Delhez. She is able to provide social and emotional support to students both online or at school. Mrs. Delhez is available at SGEC on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons until 5:30. Counselling referrals can also be made by parents or teachers. Support is provided for individual or family concerns and referrals to outside agencies can be accessed through Mrs. Delhez. For more information or to book an appointment please contact Mrs. Delhez at

Social Media - Updated Regularly

Did you know that we update our social media accounts on a regular basis? Following us is one of the quickest ways to find out what's going on at school and getting those last minute, emergency updates.

Please follow and share with your friends. We want everyone to know what a great place St. Gabes is!

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