South Sudan: Make A Difference

How YOU can make a Difference

Overview of South Sudan

South Sudan is the newest country in the world since July 9th, 2011, and it is still a developing country. South Sudan has a lot of flaws in the country. For example, the literacy rate of South Sudan is the worst in the world, at less than 27% of the country educated. Also, if it weren't for oil, South Sudan would be bankrupt. Right now, South Sudan is one of the poorest countries of the world, and their highest source of income is from exporting oil only. Not only this, but living conditions for the South Sudanese are in terrible conditions. People are barely living, with many lacks of incomes. Fresh water is only available to 1/2 to population, and the other half may get water, but water that may have been contaminated.

Problem and Solution to the South Sudanese Crisis of Water


Everyday, people all over South Sudan have to walk up to eight hours just to get water. They carry water on their heads all day, and after they get water, they're so tired that they don't want to do anything else for the day. Getting water is also a great cause that is affecting literacy. Children who are supposed to be in school are getting water instead, so these children are uneducated. Water is the priority for these people and families. But the water that they get is contaminated, that can cause disease or water-related illnesses. This water can also cause death, because traces of poisonous lead or oil have been exposed to this water. South Sudan has a serious problem with water. Regular families think that hey need water to live, even if it is contaminated or polluted. South Sudan's problem is that even though they have water, most of it is not drinkable because of contaminations.


My solution to helping South Sudan is to raise money from donations, and from these donations, buy water purifiers to help the South Sudanese get fresh and pure water. I could get help from schools, and many people to help the South Sudanese get fresh water.

To Change Lives for those in South Sudan

My idea to help this water crisis in South Sudan is to take donations from caring individuals and with the money, buy water purifiers to send to South Sudan. Thus, water can be pure and hopefully uncontaminated so water-related illnesses can be lessened.

About Us

My name is Armand Madan, and I am trying to help the people of South Sudan get fresh water. Without pure water, many water-related illnesses occur. Trillions of gallons of water are wasted each year in the U.S, while in South Sudan, uncontaminated water is scarce for people just like you and me. Together we can make a difference in South Sudan, helping them through the water crisis

Water's CRITICAL Issue impacting South Sudan

Water is a critical issue in South Sudan because there are water-related diseased that many of the South Sudanese have gotten. Water is a big issue in everyday life, in education, and for time. Getting water is very timely for the South Sudanese, but they have to get water to live, so they get water anyways, knowing that it has been contaminated