Mustang Tales

September 2, 2022 Vol 3. Issue 42

Message from Principal Masone

Dear Families:

We are off to a great school year! It has been truly wonderful to see so many new and returning faces.

Preschool hosted Open House and the first days of preschool this week. Students met new friends, played with slime and learned all about Manitou Elementary.

Thank you to the many parent volunteers that came to our first PAC meeting. PAC is planning to fund mini grants for teachers. This allows teachers to purchase additional classroom items. Parents voted to bring back MANIBOO, our Halloween carnival. Our next PAC meeting is September 14, at 10:15.

Our first School Accountability Committee (SAC) meeting, will be on September 14th at 10:15am. Our SAC team helps review our school policies and procedures. The two groups will begin together and then separate for planning.

This year our school has been focusing on creating common language and expectations for behavior. In the first few weeks we have learned what it is to be a Manitou muSTANG. Ask your child if they can recall our STANG expectations: S- Safety First, T- Take Responsibility, A- Act Kindly, N- Never give up, G- Gratitude.

We will host an Open House September 15th, 5pm-6:05pm. This will be an opportunity for you to visit your child's classroom and hear more about your child's school day and our curriculum. We will begin in the auditorium promptly at 5:00pm.

Safety is a priority at MSES. Anytime you enter the building, please be prepared to provide your identification. We will issue a name tag immediately for all adults after scanning your driver's license. Even if you are a returning adult, we will ask you every time for your identification so that you can obtain a visitor name tag. If an MSES staff member sees you without a visitor badge, they will redirect you back to the front office to check in. Thank you for your understanding as we keep your children safe.

Homecoming is a special event in Manitou Springs. Leading up to homecoming and during homecoming, we wear our school colors, green and gold. If you would like your child to participate please make sure you have completed your child's registration. This allows your child to be in pictures, attend field trips and use our school technology, like iPads.

We have had a few families move, so we are currently accepting a new students in grades 1, 2 and 3, who might want to join the Mustang herd!

Thank you for your continued partnership!



Important Dates

  • Sep 5: No School: Labor Day
  • Sep 14: Late Start/2 Hour Delay (school starts at 10:00am for K-5)
  • Sep 14: SAC Meeting at 10:15am.
  • Sept 15: Open House, 5-6pm, grades 1-5
  • Sep 21: Late Start/2 Hour Delay (school starts at 10:00am for K-5)
  • Sep 23-24: 5th Grade Camp Shady Brook trip!
  • Sep 28: Late Start/2 Hour Delay (school starts at 10:00am for K-5)
  • Sep 30: Homecoming Parade 1:00pm

Ask Your Experts!

Each week we will feature a short blurb from select grade levels and classrooms on a rotating schedule. This week we have features from Kindergarten, Second and Fourth grades, Spanish and Library. Check it out!


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Ms. Taylor Schneider, Ms. Lindsay Hammel and Ms. Jeana Farrell

  • In the nursery rhyme “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue” what does the author say is sweet? (Sugar and you)
  • What is the name of the character in “Rain, Rain, Go Away”? (Johnny)
  • Why does Johnny want the rain to go away? (so he can play outside)
  • Have your student reenact “Jack be Nimble.” (They will pretend to jump over the candlestick.)
  • Play Ring Around the Rosie with your little one! They learned this nursery rhyme and it is one of our favorites!

Second Grade

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Ms. Merry Monk, Ms Erin Huffman, Ms. Sophia Marchiando

We are off to a fantastic start in Second Grade! We are learning SO much and having a ton of fun together!

Second Graders are learning all about Fairy Tales and Tall Tales in Knowledge. Here are some great questions to ask your expert.

1. Where did the fisherman and his wife live at the beginning of the story?

2. Who makes the emperor's new, magical suit?

3. What is unusual about the beast's palace?

We have also started our new Math curriculum called Eureka Squared. We are learning all about how to read tables, make picture graphs, and make bar graphs. One great question that you can ask your expert is, what is one difference between picture graphs and bar graphs?

Fourth Grade

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Ms. Larsen, Ms. Goldman, Ms. Marquardt

Fourth Grade has begun their first CKLA domain, Personal Narratives! We are reading narratives written by famous authors, such as Mary Pope Osborne, Avi, and more! Ask Your Expert: What do almost all personal narratives include? (A narrator/author telling the story, descriptive details about the setting, and a significant event). In "All-Ball" by Mary Pope Osborne, what was the significant event that encouraged her to write her narrative? (She received news that her father was being deployed to Korea for a year!). What object did she "fall in love" with and why was it so important to her? (All-Ball! A pastel-colored rubber ball. It was important to her because she played with it constantly and it became a companion/distraction as the day her father needed to leave was approaching). When writing narratives, what do authors include to make their writing more descriptive and detailed? (Sensory details using the five senses, descriptive "showing" details about the setting, and figurative language such as similes and metaphors). Eventually, we will write our OWN personal narratives about a significant event that occurred in our lives! Start brainstorming what you could write your personal narrative about.

Exploratory Team

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Exploratory Teachers: Ms. Elizabeth Lawson, Ms. Amy Bradbury, Ms. Carrie Dunlap, Mr. Randy Niebuhr, Ms. Alejandra Lillemon


In Spanish class,

  • Kindergarten students are learning greetings in Spanish: "hello-hola, goodbye-adiós, good morning- buenos días.
  • First and second-grade students are reviewing colors and greetings: yellow- amarillo, blue-azul, red- rojo, good morning-buenos días, good afternoon-buenos dias, good afternoon-buenas tardes, good night-Buenas Noches
  • Third and Fourth-grade students are translating short stories into Spanish: Where are you going-adónde vas, walk-camina
  • Fifth graders are learning new vocabulary: chores-quehaceres, nothing-nada


We have had a great start to the year in TEAMS class. We are already diving deep into our Common Sense media curriculum and learning how to be safe online. The students are learning all about digital citizenship, digital footprints, personal vs. private information, balancing time online, and appropriate emails.

This Week in Pictures

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Library News

This year all classes will visit the library on Wednesdays when they have TEAMS. Students in grades 2nd-5th will be able to check out two books and keep them for two weeks. First graders will start by checking out one book per visit.

Kindergarten will be visiting to learn about the library and for story time and will start checking out books after winter break.

Students also have the option to complete a book review to share about the great books they're reading. Please have your child keep their library books in their backpack when they are not reading to avoid losing books.

We are looking for library helpers to shelve books which will keep everything running smoothly! If you are interested please contact Amy Bradbury at

Counselor's Corner- Ms. Root

Hello Mustang Families,

This week I pushed into 1st and 2nd grade for our first SEL lessons of the year.

In 1st grade I taught a “Noticing Feelings” lesson. Your child practiced using body language and context clues (looking at the person’s face and body, thinking about what’s going on in the situation) to figure out how someone is feeling. To reinforce this lesson, try this at home: Ask your child to tell you how they think others around them might be feeling, for example a sibling, or a character in a story, a movie, or a TV show. To learn more about this unit scan the above QR code.

In 2nd grade I taught a “Feeling Proud” lesson. In this week’s lesson, your child learned that we can feel proud when we accomplish something difficult or when we do something nice for others.To reinforce this lesson, try this at home: Ask your child to tell you about a time they felt proud. Tell them about a time you felt proud of something you accomplished or of doing something nice for others.To learn more about this unit scan the following QR code:

Next week I’ll begin lessons with 3rd, 4th and 5th grade so stay tuned!

Ashley Root, MA, LPCC

School Counselor

Manitou Springs Elementary School


The MSES PAC depends on donations from families and community members to organize and host the many fun events we have planned for the upcoming school years. Read more about the PAC's upcoming activities below! Please click here to donate any amount you can - every dollar helps! Thank you!
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Manitou Springs Elementary School

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Jennifer Sueppel, Assistant Principal