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Welcome to Ishdeep's Virtual Resume! This resume is a new and improved method for me to portray my abilities and give a paper resume and whole new look! From my prior assignment, the "Me Project", you have learned a lot about my personality and family. This virtual resume will give you an outlook of my future academic goals and career plans! So let's start exploring the journey to academic future!

-Ishdeep Binepal

What are my future grade 12 SMART goals?

My SMART goal for my grade 12 academic school year is to graduate with an overall average of 90% and over and be on the honor roll.

S- I want to achieve an overall average of 90% and over and be on the honor roll when I am graduating from my grade 12th school year, which is June 2018.

M- This is a measurable goal for me as I will have a clear cut view of my progress from my grade 10 and 11 school year. I will know my progress by recording my marks for my grade 10 and 11 school year, which will tell me where I stand for grade 12.

A- I will attain this goal by continuing to work very, very hard in grade 10 and grade 11, which I already am. I will continue to expand and grow my knowledge by doing well on any tests and summatives in grades 10 and 11. I will make sure I gain proper knowledge in my junior years so I can have a strong base foundation for grade 12. I will know when I achieve my goal because I will have the results on my grade 12 finals report card, and I will be certified with an honor roll achievement on graduation day.

R- This is a very realistic goal for me because I believe I am someone who is a really hard worker academically and I know I can achieve my goal. In grade 10, my semester one average was 93%, and my semester two mid-term average was 95%. I believe that if I continue to work this hard towards my educational goals, I will definitely obtain an overall average of 90% and over and be on the honor roll in my grade 12


T- I will acquire this goal by the end of June 2018, which will be the end of my high school years and I beginning of my academic future. I will definitely complete this goal by the end of grade 12!

What are my future volunteering SMART goals?

My volunteering SMART goal is to graduate with a minimum of 50 hours by the end of June 2018, which is the end of grade 12.

S- I want to graduate with 50 volunteering hours by the end of grade 12, which is June 2018.

M- This is a measurable goal for me, because I will know once I have achieved my goal as it will show up on my official graduation receipt. It is also measurable because I can keep track of the number of hours I have completed on the volunteering record sheet.

A- I will attain my goal by making sure that I manage my time efficiently and make sure I leave out maximized time to go volunteering. I am also someone who has a bit of a procrastination flaw, however I am getting over it successfully and I am managing my time very well to make sure that I am getting all my work done.

R- This is a realistic goal for me because I am already working towards my goal and I have already completed 27 volunteering hours at the Jump Rope for Heart charity. I know that since I am halfway through my goal within 2 years of high school, I will definitely complete 50 hours in my remaining 2 years of high school.

T- I will make sure that I acquire this goal by the end of grade 12. I have more 2 years to complete my goal and I will definitely make this true by June 2018.

Preparing for Transitions and Changes

challenges and solutions to being a neurologist

Being a neurologist is not an easy job. A job in the neurology field comes along with tremendous amounts of stress and emotional trauma. A neurologist must be someone who is dedicated, encouraging and compassionate to his/her job. Neurologists are specialized physicians who diagnose, treat, and help prevent disorders of the nervous system. Neurology is a very reputable job, however, two challenges a neurologist might face are emotional trauma, and surgical risks from job difficulty.

The first challenge a neurologist faces is the high amounts of emotional trauma. On a daily basis, a neurologist works with people who are in pain, and require immediate attention. Neurologists often work with medical cases, including seizures, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease, which is are all very sorrowful issues. In several cases, a neurologist must inform family members that a loved one has been impacted by a deteriorating disease that may even lead to death. A job in the neurology field comes with a lot of stress and depression because a neurologist must help families through devastating neurological illness, and also help families accept developmental problems that will negatively impact their child's life, and even cause death. Seeing another individual in pain with no other treatment than death, gives a lot of emotional stress to a neurologist. In order to cope with the emotional trauma of being a neurologist, EFT, and yoga may be effective solutions. EFT, short for “Emotionally Focused Therapy”, is a potential way of relieving an individual of any stress they might be coping with. This therapy is based on methods which help an individual accept, express, and transform emotions. It helps individuals focus on the “positive” things of life. Yoga may be another possible solution in order to cope with the emotional trauma one faces as a neurologist. Yoga is a physical way of relieving any internal issues one might be facing. Yoga uses methods which help the mind focus through relaxation and meditation. Emotional trauma is one of the most difficult challenges a neurologist faces, however, EFT and yoga are two very effective methods in order to relieve stress and uplift your mood.

Another challenge a neurologist might face at his/her job is the complexity of the job. Being a neurologist is not an easy thing because the job has a lot of demands. In fact, neurologists are the most common doctors who are sued by patients. Neurology is a very, very complex medical practice, therefore one mistake could ultimately cause irreversible damage to patients. Neurologists often face a lack of respect because they are often blamed by their patients for death or disability. Neurological surgeries involve a moderate to high level of risk to patients, because the surgery location is the brain and spinal cord, which are two of the most sensitive areas of the human body. In order to ensure that this issue does not persist in his/her career, a neurologist can make sure his/her medical practice is accurate and up-to date. Making sure that a neurologist is always correctly following medical procedures is critical in order to ensure full accuracy of the job.

In conclusion, being a neurologist comes with several advantages, but on the other hand, neurology also has a few drawbacks which include emotional trauma, and job complexity. In order to overcome these challenges, EFT, yoga and continued education are all very effective solutions.

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