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Summer offerings through TCEA - Digital On-Demand Training

Instructional Technology

Want a new LENOVO Touchscreen 2-in-1 Chromebook as a mobile teaching solution?

Sign up for our Chromebook Educator Training through TCEA and when you complete the course, we will assign you a NEW Lenovo 300E 2-in-1 Chromebook to use in your classroom.

  • The Chromebook Educator: This straightforward, self-paced course provides you with guided support to clarify using a Chromebook in your classrooms. You’ll become fluent in using a Chromebook for your classroom and leave with unique ideas and techniques for use with your students.

Please sign up for the training by clicking on the following link:

Online - On Demand Training Sign Up with TCEA

Once you complete the training....

  1. You must put in a work order through our helpdesk solution <-- Click here
  2. Make sure to choose the category "Chromebook Educator Program"
  3. attach your TCEA Certification.


Is it for the teacher to HAVE? Of their own, or do they have to turn it in?

  • It is a district device checked out to them for their use while they are employed with WISD..

What if we have NOT got an email yet from Canvas to do the training?

  • Contact Paul Mach, Coordinator of Instructional Technology

Then how do we get the Laptop/Chromebook? Do we put in a Work Order? And do we need to show proof of training?

  • Once you complete the training, simply put in a work order under the category "Chromebook Educator Program" and attach your TCEA certificate.

Can we complete this training multiple times to receive multiple Chromebooks?

  • There is no need to complete the training more than once. If you need more Chromebooks for your classroom, please have a conversation with your campus administration and they will submit the request to Technology Services. We will try to find more for you.

Do we get to keep the device when we leave Waco ISD?

  • The device is property of Waco ISD and assigned to you as long as you are employed with Waco ISD. It is an additional resource for you to utilize to complete your assigned job duties. :)

Do you have to be a Teacher to take the course and receive the Chromebook?

  • Not at all. Any faculty or staff can take the course and be assigned a Chromebook. Our philosophy is that everyone is an educator at heart and needs to understand the benefits of the tools we make available to our students.

Additional digital on-demand training available for ALL Waco ISD Faculty and Staff through the summer.

If you are looking for a way to enhance your technical skills, we have partnered with TCEA to provide ALL Waco ISD faculty and staff with the following online/on-demand trainings as well:

  • Google Level 1: TCEA’s Google Level 1 course assists educators in earning their Google Educator Level 1 certification. Upon completion, you will earn the TCEA Google Educator Level 1 Certification which will prepare participants to successfully pass the Google Educator Level 1 exam (certification exam cost not included).

  • Google Level 2: The purpose of this program is to assist educators in earning their Google Educator Level 2 certification. Participants who successfully complete the certification requirements will earn the TCEA Google Educator Level 2 Certification. They will also be prepared to pursue the Google Educator Level 2 Certification (certification exam cost not included).

  • Canvas Educator: This straightforward, self-paced course provides you with a roadmap to conquer Canvas. You’ll become the go-to expert and transform the way students are learning by putting them on the path you built specifically for them.

  • Seesaw Educator: The focus of this online course is to assist you in learning to use Seesaw and adapt strategies for your own use in the classroom. This is a basic level course and anyone wanting to build their capacity in Seesaw should sign up.

  • Seesaw Content Creator: This online, self-paced course offers instruction, ideas, and strategies on how to deepen your implementation of Seesaw. It assumes that you already know the basics of Seesaw, but are now wanting to expand your learning and your usage of the program in order to enhance the daily experiences of teachers and students. This course is framed to support your blended learning efforts with the Seesaw learning management system.

  • Remote Learning Educator Certification: This robust, self-paced course provides you with multiple ways to facilitate remote learning based on research-based instructional strategies in order for you to provide an exceptional educational experience for your students.

Please sign up for the training by clicking on the following link:

Need Internet Access???

Waco ISD has partnered with T-Mobile to provide faculty, staff, and students with hot spots that provide cellular internet access to those that need it. These are funded through the Emergency Connectivity Fund from the American Rescue Plan.

Simply complete the following form and one will be assigned to you for educational use. This can be used for all educational needs for you to provide or receive instruction.

Waco ISD: Internet Device Request

Need information or help?

Here is a list of Technology Resources available to you.

  • Technology Website - FAQ's, tips, tutorials, documentation and contact information.
  • Helpdesk Phone support - 254-755-9599 -- You can reach out to get answers to your questions and for issues that can resolved remotely.
  • Email helpdesk - Get answers to questions.
  • Helpdesk ticketing system - Enter a work order for repairs, to receive quotes and to download software