I have to make a bunch of poems for class

I Wish Poem

I wish my hair was longer

I wish I lived on a farm

I wish some people would just calm down

I wish I would clean my room and keep it clean

I wish I would get hurt less

I wish I had more talents

I wish my little sister would just calm down



Behind grams’ house

I was so lost and scared

But Google maps was on my phone

Still lost

My Hair

Brown, Tangled Mess

Awkward layers and such

Will not curl, Will not straighten

My Hair

I am poem

I am sarcastic and loud

I wonder what will happen to me and my friends in the near future

I hear joke upon joke in my head

I see memories from my past

I want to know what I want

I am sarcastic and loud

I pretend I don’t need any help

I feel small yet important

I touch....

I worry about the futures of friends and family

I cry when I watch movies

I am sarcastic and loud

I understand most of my fears and problems have easy solutions

I say things will fix themselves

I dream things would fix themselves

I try to try hard in school

I hope I find out what I want to do in my future

I am sarcastic and loud


I am rather shy

But I can be very loud

Sorry for yelling

I enjoy my cats

My cats rarely enjoy me

I still love my cats