How People feel about Gun Control

The Psychological Mind set of People

why people need guns

People feel they need guns because a portion of the population has guns and they use them for killing. I see gun stores and adds saying that your not safe without a gun. On the news people say that the majority of people now have guns this is purposely done so that you feel you need a gun to protect you from the people protecting themselves.

Protection against others

Think about it if we didn't have guns this wouldn't be an issue right? Obviously there would still be crime because guns exist and there are so many of them. No one would be completely safe but at least we wouldn't be afraid of each other. Love is an important thing but without trust we can't have love. There is no reason why we couldn't trust each other.


Hunting is an age old activity for getting food. but now that the government provides us with food why do we still have to hunt? there is not a reason other than killing is fun for hunters. I feel if we are going to hunt we should eat the food and stop letting the government put drugs and steroids in our food.


Crime is quite possibly the worst thing in our world. when we have crime we have ghetto people shooting at each others and gangsters having turf wars. which is why you can't fee safe and you may need a gun. So the simple answer is to get rid of crime.