the bread basket of the united states


The relative location of the great plainsis central united states

The absolute location is between the states Whyoming, South Dakota,

Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico.


The physical features of the great plains include flat land, rolling hills, farms, and over 6000 ghost towns left by settlers.


The language mainly spoken in the great plains is english except for the lower plains in new mexico where many people speak spanish.

The civil war was mostly fought in the great plains and slavery was prominent in the south of the great plains.

When settlers first explored the great plains they used the most available resource to make there homes, dirt. The ground in the great plains was outstanding for farming and was called the bread basket of the U.S. because it was the main supply of the nation's wheat used to make bread.

What the land lacked in features to take cover behind in the event of an attack made up for the open and far out view of the surrounding areas.

most of the people living in the great plains are strong Catholics

Most of the artwork and assumtions made about the scenery and landscape of the great plains is giant fields of crops and rollin green hills.


In the early industrial era trains were used to get across the great plains

And used to supply goods across the nation. When plains were invented

They were mainly used to irrigate and dust the crops with pesticides.

Cars are now mainly used to get across the great plains.


2 examples of adaptation is the strength that was needed of the people that moved to the plains because they had to work hard to make a living off the land and the people who lived there had to upmake barriers to protect themselves from the harsh winds that whipped across the great plains

2 examples of modifications are that people made farms in the fertile soil to provide their family with food to survive in the plains. These days they make wind turbines to harness the great plains roaring winds to create power for families all across the nation.

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