Andrew Foster

Presentation by : Deborah Mallow

Who, Where, and when

Andrew Foster was born June 27th, 1925 in Birming Alabama. As a child Andrew went to Alabama School for the Colored Deaf in Talladega, he moved to Chicago later on where he then graduated high school in 1951

What was he famous for and how did he become deaf?

  • Andrew Foster was famous for being a missionary for the deaf in Africa.
  • Foster Lost his hearing at age 11 after suffering from spinal meningitis

Again, When

Andrew Foster died December 5th in a plane crash on the way to Kenya in 1987

💖 Interesting Facts 💖

  • He worked in a military-equipment factory, studying at night
  • He founded 31 schools for deaf African children and adults.
  • In 1970, he became the first black person to receive an honorary degree from Gallaudet