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Team Silver Hayes/Jones - Friday, March 10, 2023

Important Dates

Friday, March 10

  • End of 3rd Quarter

Friday, March 17

  • Report Cards Go Home
  • 3rd Quarter Incentive Day

SPRING BREAK - Monday, March 20 - Friday, March 24

Tuesday, April 4


Friday, April 7


Monday, April 10


Kleenex Boxes Are Running Low

Mrs. Hayes's classroom is completely out of Kleenex boxes as of this past week. Miss Jones's class is probably getting close to this as well. Kleenex is there for students in both classrooms in each room when students are attending class for that subject. Therefore, each classroom tends to go through a few more Kleenexes each day. If you are able to send in a box of Kleenex with your child this next week, we would greatly appreciate it. Especially with allergy season right on our doorstep. Thank you in advance for your help with this! The students and Team Silver teachers really appreciate the help!

Winter Temperatures and Recess (Repeat)

With Winter Weather quickly approaching, the temperatures have been changing and dropping. Please send your student with warm clothes to wear outside for recess! This will help them stay warm and healthy! Students and families will want to watch the weather and be sure that jackets, coats, hats, and gloves are available at school for students to wear to recess on days when the temperature drops. Cold weather gear can be kept in lockers and then put back in lockers after recess so it is ready for the next day.

We will go outside even when the outside temperature and wind chill are in the 20's. On days where the wind chill and temperature drop and a child does not have a coat for recess, the may then be asked to remain inside.

Winter Weather and Inclement Weather Information for School (Repeat)

Click here for information on school cancellations/modifications due to inclement weather, how the District will notify parents, as well as information on recess, Y Club, and Inclement Weather Virtual Learning Days. As a reminder, PCR-3 will implement traditional inclement weather days (no school and no virtual learning), until we reach a threshold that would push the school year past Memorial Day. We will make those days up per our academic calendar, and if we go past our planned make-up days for inclement weather, we will implement our Inclement Weather Virtual Learning Days.



  • Please send your student a refillable water bottle each day!

  • Check your child's trapper every night for important information

  • Please go through your child's trapper WITH them as there are important papers that need to return to school. Make sure you don't throw anything away without checking with your student first.

  • Students should be reading for 30 minutes every night.

Student and Parent Middle School Handbook

Team Silver Daily Schedules 2022/2023


5th Grade Helpful Information

Use the link below to find a helpful guide to all things Fifth Grade this year. Please let Miss Jones or Mrs. Hayes know if you or your child should have any questions about the information shared about the routines and expectations shared about Fifth Grade this year.

Academic Lab Opportunity for Fifth Graders

Academic Lab is available after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:45 - 3:45 for students at Barry in grades 5-8. Academic Lab is an opportunity for students to be able to finish work that needs to be completed and also to be able to get help with work if needed.

If you would like for your child to attend Academic Lab, you will need to click on the form below, fill it out, and submit it prior to your child attending Lab. This form will need to be filled out each time your child is choosing to stay for Academic Lab.



We will finish our work in our unit on Author's Purpose next week. Our next Reading Unit of Study will be Comparing and Contrasting elements of Fiction text. In this unit, students will infer and draw conclusions about the roles and functions of characters in various plots, their relationships and actions in the story, and the conflicts characters face within stories.

Students will also continue to be expected to read for 30 minutes a day each day of the school week at home as a weekly Homework assignment. Having time to read and practice reading skills both at home and at school can help students continue to grow in their reading this year.


We worked to finish up on our unit of creating a Research Based Argument Opinion Writing piece this past week. Our next unit of study will be Informative Writing. In this unit, students will work to create an informative writing piece that develops a topic that is maintained throughout the piece, uses well developed topic sentences in supporting paragraphs to explain and support the topic, and utilizes specific facts, details, examples, or quotations to support and describe the topic. Students will continue to apply the research process to select relevant sources for facts and details to support the topic.

Lessons with Writing Conventions will focus on using apostrophes to show possession with singular and plural nouns. We will also discuss how to use italics when keyboarding titles of books, magazines, and newspapers, underlining when writing titles of books, magazines, and newspapers, and using quotation marks when writing titles of stories, songs, poems, and articles.


Before break we are finishing up multiplying and dividing fractions. We will have our test over these topics on Thursday March 16th. If a student will not be here that day, they will take it the day before. I will send home the study guide that we do in class on Tuesday March 14th.


We have been diving into weather and discussing the different types of extreme weather that we could potentially experience in our lives. We have started talking about how weather forecasters make their predictions and what tools they use in order to describe the weather and why it is the way that it is! Later we will discuss the difference in weather and climate.

Social Studies

We recently finished our Unit of Study on Government. Our next unit of study for Social Studies will be Westward Expansion.

I am including some of the other concepts we will be studying in 5th Grade Social Studies as we move through the year below:

😊 5th Grade Social Studies Units of Study 😊

  • CNN 10/Current Events

  • Maps Skills and Geography

  • Economics

  • Government and the United States as a New Nation

  • American Revolution (Native Americans, Colonies, Causes of the Revolution, and Battles of the Revolution)

  • Westward Expansion

  • Civil War and Reconstruction

  • Twentieth Century History (1900 - 2000)

  • Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening skills will also be practiced with nonfiction Social Studies text.

  • Electoral Process


Google Classroom Information

Technology Help Center

Below you will find links to directions that will be helpful as your child uses Google Classroom this year. You can refer to these documents to help your child if he or she is using Google Classroom on a device at home with submitting work, accessing assignments and feedback, and navigating through the different tabs of information on Google Classroom. Although Chromebooks will not be going home nightly unless there are circumstances where this might be necessary, students can log into Google Classroom on another device at home to work as well and share their learning with their parents in their Google Classrooms this year.
This document will provide step-by-step directions on how to access Google Classroom. Feel free to click and look over if you are not familiar with this process.
This document is helpful if you would like to learn all the features in Google Classroom.


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