Smoking & Your Health

Staying Healthy and Keeping Kids Away From Cigarettes

What's In a Cigarette?

 Cigarettes contain many harmful substances     •Smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals     •Nicotine is what addicts the person

Why Do Children Try Cigarettes in the FIrst Place??

Peer Pressure                                 To Look CoolParent or Loved One Smokes        CuriousTo Look Grown Up                          Think It Makes Them Tough

What Smokers Really Look Like

Smoking is Not the Answer Kids!!!!

7News - Shock tactics for anti-smoking message

Why NOT to Start Smoking!

Monday, May 6th 2013 at 11am

Upper Iowa Elementary School

Please come joing us for this event!  We will discuss reasons of why not to start smoking, effects of smoking on the body and ways to quit smoking if you do. This is for students and parents. FREE ADMISSION!!