Anything is possible...

This team is up to make history!

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Hello Florida gals!!

Did you know that coming right out Hoopla, in a month where you think everyone is out on the boat and checked out, that this team is up for a double promotion? Team Christoph and her fabulous sparkly team could promote to Star, and Team Layden and the South Florida Diamonds could promote to Associate Director! This would be the 5th Director team in the State of Florida...which is making history! Does this put the opportunity into perspective for you? THIS IS HUGE!

A promotion is actually a collaboration of team efforts...each and every person on this team contributes. If you sell $200 or $1000 between today and all helps!

So how much is needed?

About 7K in team volume! That's just 14 of the 73 stylists on this amazing team selling $500 by Thursday! or 28 stylists selling $250 each! What do you think?


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So, would you like to be a part of this team accomplishment?

Because I believe you can...

and I'll personally help you if you want!

Are you up for the challenge? If you aren't, that's totally ok! I totally understand and love the flexibility of this business! But if you are, let's talk about it how you can help! Sarah and Jen both have incentives out to you, so I know you don't need another carrot from me! What I can offer are some ideas I've collected from other stylists who are going for similar goals!!

  1. When is the last time you hosted a Double Dip Show? We have new jewels...a few friends and some wine can be an easy $500 show...which is double points to 1000 for quick start!
  2. Take a tote of jewels to work/school/moms group yourself this week. Wear a statement necklace all week, and be purposeful in bringing up S&D!
  3. Call a friend or a customer you love, and offer to plan a fun "Summer's almost over /Mama needs a celebration" trunk show this week! Coffee with friends, wine on Wednesday or Thursday! People are wanting cute new things to wear right now for spring, and your hostess can get for free!
  4. Go through past order forms and look at your notes you made. Call any customers with wish lists. Offer exceedingly personal customer service and call to let them know.
  5. Send a targeted email to past customers or hostesses advertising Spring is here, and offer free shipping until Thursday at noon!
  6. Contact any hostesses with open trunk shows and offer free shipping to any additional customers that they can get toward their show! Get them helping you, and they will receive more free jewelry.
  7. Call any future hostesses and offer free shipping for any outside orders they can collect NOW, prior to their show! Maybe offer to incentivize the hostess by gifting her a pair of stud earrings, or something that you have that is discontinued. Let that older jewelry work for you!
  8. Think... Where are women? Spas, Networking events, realtor happy hours, meet ups, Salons, teachers lounges, medical offices, dentist offices, boutiques! Where can you set up your jewels, take your tote of jewels, or bring in at the lunch hour?
  9. Do a fun facebook campaign! "Sarah's pick of the hour " and post you in your favs! Offer free shipping if order placed by Thursday at noon.
  10. Send a personal note via email, text or fb- "I saw this and thought of you because" or "You + This= Super Cute"