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Ms. Elliott's Kindergarten Class

Class News

*Please check your child's folder and sign the agenda every day.*

I will start putting only colored smiley faces in agendas daily. Blue, red, and purple are all very good! (Even green is pretty good!). Some of the students seem to be putting a lot of pressure on themselves to be on purple every day, and that is just not realistic. Please praise your child for green or above!

Purple- Outstanding

Red- Great Choices

Blue- Good Choices

Green- Ready to Learn

Yellow- Think About it

Orange- Teacher's Choice

(This will come along with a written or verbal explanation of the issue)

Wish List:


One and a half inch 3 ring binders with "clearview".

composition notebooks with Primary lines and space for a picture.

Shaving Cream

Balls, Frisbees etc. for recess


If anyone is involved in anything to do with with the five senses (sight, taste, touch, hearing, smell) please let me know and maybe you could come in and talk to the class. (Opticians, bakers, audiologists, musicians, aromatherapists, etc.)

*We are out of snacks. It would be best if students brought one small snack each day and donated snacks will be backup. But, of course, feel free to send in bulk snacks at any time!


We now have a code for ordering from Scholastic Reading Club! Please visit

Our Class Code: Q9FW8

Week 6 Recap

This week we started getting into a groove with our new schedule, seating arrangements, policies/procedures, etc.

We tried a listening station for the first time, worked on improving our handwriting skills, learned to compare numbers, learned about our sense of sight, discussed what makes us unique, did show & tell, and visited the library for a change of books!

We also tallied up our team points and the winner this week was (Drum Roll Please) Team Orange!! Yeah! So next week Team Orange will be our VIP table with special privileges.


Week 6 Focus

Homework: (Checked every Monday)

Please check your child's folder for our monthly calendar of homework and first quarter expectations in a plastic sleeve. *Please send this back if it is not in your child's binder*. Also, in the folder is a reading log. Please read to or with your child as often as possible, or have him/her read to you, a stuffed animal, a sibling (babies are even great listeners!) or themselves every night (5-10 minutes is good). I'm even happy to have them reading the menu at dinner, street signs, etc. Lastly, there is a poem in the folder that goes along with the monthly homework.

The goal is 10-15 minutes of homework per night. If the homework is taking too long or going too quickly, please let me know so that we can adjust. I will also be giving students a binder tomorrow that will have a sheet for studying at your leisure.

English Language Arts:

Phonics: Long and short vowel sounds- Letter Aa

Phonemic Awareness: Detecting and identifying the initial sound in a spoken word


Sight Words: are, now, you, what, do


We will learn and apply the reading strategy "Get your mouth ready" and the comprehension skill of retelling. We will discuss what a setting is and how it can change throughout a story. In non-fiction we will see how pictures connect to the text and start looking for key details.


We will continue to practice handwriting and review the common punctuation marks. We will also learn to plan our writing by drawing pictures and labeling.

5 Star Writing: Capital Letter to start a sentence, Finger Spaces, Neat Handwriting, Punctuation, Making Sense.


Making and identifying equal groups. Comparing unequal groups. Representing and writing numbers 6-9.


Observation using the five senses. This week's focus will be hearing and touch.

Social Studies:

We will discuss how timelines and calendars are organized and how they help people organize their lives.

Upcoming Events

Thursday Sept 22 Spirit Night at Toppers Ice Cream

Friday September 30 Snow Cones

Tuesday October 4 Spirit Night at East Coast Pizza