The Timeline Of Greatness

Introducing Lamborghini

Lamborghini? Lamborghini It all started when a man named ferruccio Lamborghini worked at an Ferrari dealership until he wanted to have his own machine. So he split off to his own brand. And started making tractors which became very successful,Then he thought that after working in Ferrari he wanted to make his own sports car. So he did and because of the Lamborghini sports car it made the brand very popular around the world.

Just The Beginning

In the year 1990 the Lamborghini took the great leap in car industries by making one of the most successful cars ever made the diablo. With the new look,new price,and new body style it is just the beginning of greatness. As a result of the diablo they kept the same body styles for years to come. In the year 1993 ferrccio Lamborghini died he will always be known for his great sports car industry that is still making cars today.

Timeline Of Greatness

In 1948 after world war II ferricco began to make tractors which became very successful. But after his fair share of time with ferrari he wanted to make his on car so in 1963 he did it was the 350GT. But it did not just end there ferricco made the islero 400 Gt in 1968. After many years of work he came out with diablo in 1990. But in 2001 Lamborghini S.p.A came out with the most popular and fast car the murcielogo .

The newest car made is the veneno which just came out.

Quick Fact

The first Lamborghini made was the 350 gt made in 1964. Then the industry rose from there. Now the Lamborghini veneno just came out for the 50 year anniversary. Also the cost of the veneno is 4.5 million

The New Generation

Since the 90's cars have completely changed for Lamborghini from the 350GT to the Veneno by horsepower, miles per hour,and by miles to the gallon. But the biggest change was the body style shown on the pictures below. After ferricco left us,the Lamborghini industry has gave it their all to make sure that could make the best cars a man can make with the new owner Walter wolf.