The Four Generationns Of Computers!

By Jessie Westall

What is the four generations of computers?

There are four generations of a computer.

  • The first generatinon used magnetic drums for memory! when computers where first built they where the size of a whole room there was also only a few in the whole entire wold!!! as well as being the size of a room they where very expensive to operate, they also used up alot of enery/electricity which generated a lot of heat!
  • The second generation of computers vacuume tubes where replaced for transistors which made the computers smaller, faster, cheeper, more reliable, more energy efficient and easier to use. although the transitter made things easier it generated alot of heat still.
  • On the third generation of computers keyboards where made also the transitters where miniturasied and placed on silicon chips which drasticaly increazsed the speed and efficiency of computers.
  • On the fourth generation of computer the computer that was once the size of your room could now ber held in the palm of your hand! Also the memory and the input/output where on the same chip! All of the small computers beecame more powerful, they could be linked together through networks (which eventually led to the development of the internet), there was also GUIs, a mouse and handheld devices.