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How do I become a MARINE

To become a Marine you most go though a 12 WEEKS TRAINING.

A Marine Salary Range

Educatine level Needed

The educational level you need to have to become a marine is, a High School diploma, or GED. You can check the educational level to become a marine by going to your local Marine Recruiting offices

Certification or Testing Requirements

The United States Marine Corps requires that all Marines perform a Physical Fitness Test (PFT) and a Combat Fitness Test (CFT) once per fiscal year. Each test must have an interval of 6 months (same standards apply for reservists). The PFT ensures that Marines are keeping physically fit and in a state of physical readiness. It consists of pull-ups, crunches and a 3-mile run for males. For females it consists of flexed arm hang, crunches and a 3-mile run. This test is known to older Marines as "PRT" for Physical Readiness Test, and was required at a three-month interval however, that didn't happen on schedule much.

Length of time to complete requirements

Fitness Requirements for Each PFT Event (Males)

Age/ Pull-Ups /Crunches /3-Mile Run

17-26/ 3/ 50/ 28:00

27-39/ 3 /45 /29:00

40-45 3 /45 /30:00

46+/ 3/ 40 /33:00

My career is available in what fields

There are few decisions as life altering as the one to pursue the purpose, pride and honor of becoming a United States Marine. How you choose to define your service, to your nation and the world, is the next important decision. Each role in the Marine Corps serves a critical purpose and requires unique and highly desirable skills. From warfighting operations to humanitarian relief, every effort requires that our entire Corps serve together as a single, cohesive force. There are hundreds of Marine Corps roles in support of these operations, and this tool can help you begin to find your place among the Few.