Weekly Warrior

Volume 11 Issue 12 February 12, 2018

Important Dates

Feb 12th-Final Exams for 2nd/4th

Feb 13th-Trimester 3 Begins

Feb 13th-Upward Bound Meetings (4th or 5th for select students)

Feb 14th-Class of 2022 visits SWHS (Current 8th grade @Southern Middle)

Feb 19th-Growth Day

Feb 20th-KOSSA Testing Begins-Testing runs through 3/2

Feb 21st-Faculty Meeting

Feb 22nd-ASVAB for Students (Those who signed up in Guidance)

Mar 7th-PLC Meetings

Mar 20th-ACT for ALL Juniors

Big picture

Final Exams and Posting Grades for Trimester 2

Final Exams should finish up today, with 2nd and 4th blocks testing. Grades for Trimester 2 should be posted by 8:30 am on Thursday, February 15th. We plan to hand out report cards to students on Friday, February 16th during 3rd block. Please post grades for all aides, star students, lab assistants, peer tutors, and online dual credit students. Call the guidance office for assistance if you have questions.

Directions for Posting Grades:

When posting your final grades for your classes, please post in this order, 1st - Term Grade, 2nd - Exam Grade, 3rd - Final Grade, so that IC will calculate the grade correctly. If you didn’t add a final exam category at the beginning of the trimester, you will need to do that before you are able to enter final exam grades for students. Instructions are below:

  1. Posting Term Grade; click the Red Post then SAVE.
  2. Posting Exam Grade; Select Exam Grade under "Task" at top. If you have not added a category called or an assignment called "Exam" then you must add one at this point.
  • Adding a Category - Settings, Add, Name it Exam, Weight 1, Save
  • Adding Exam Assignment - Quick add Assignment, fill in name and abbreviation, select all sections that apply. Scroll down to "Grading Tasks", check Exam Grade and fill in # of points.
  • Enter grades in the Assignment Column
  • Click the red Post
  • Click SAVE

3. Posting Final Grade; Select Final Grade under "Task" at top, click red Post, then click SAVE

Non-Traditional Instruction

As of today, our district has utilized iLearnPulaski days on the following dates during Trimester 2:

Date & Assignment Name





Please encourage students to turn in these assignments, and enter them quickly into Infinite Campus using the guidelines above. Please enter the both the assigned date and the due date as the date we used for each iLearn day. Please remind students that we have to have a high percentage of participation in order for these days to be approved at the state level or they will have to be made up as well.

You can continue to enter scores for iLearn assignments, even once the trimester is over, if you receive any from students.

KOSSA Testing

Kentucky Occupational Skills Standards Assessment (KOSSA) Testing begins on Tuesday, February 20th and will utilize Labs 236, 109, and 207 during 1st and 2nd blocks. There will be KOSSA daily in all of these labs through Friday, February 23rd. Make-up testing will start February 25th and run until it is finished.

If you are scheduled to use a computer lab during this time, please make adjustments during 1st & 2nd block.

Success With Higher Standards

Southwestern High School will strive to graduate every student college/career ready and prepared for the 21st century.