Goverment,Economy,Culture,and geography


Thailand has tropical climate that means that it is rainy and warm.(mid-May to September). It is dry and cool.(November to mid-march). Some of the natural resources are rubber,natural gas, tungsten, tantalum, timber, lead, fish, gypsum, lignite, fluorite, arable landing.The natural disasters are land slides and drought.The land forms that Thailand has is mountains, plains,and plateaus.


The people in thailand are called thai.The ethnic groups in thailand are chinese,and thai,and many more.The most spoken lanuage is thai.The other lanuages are english and chinese.Buddhist is the official religion(94.6). Muslim (4.6%),Christian (0.7%), other (0.1%0).


the type of government that Thailand has a constitutional monarchy. there are many leaders one of them is the prime minister is YINGLAK Chinnawat. the name of the legislative is bicameral national assembly. also the head of the judicial branch is Constitutional Court, Supreme Court of Justice, and Supreme Administrative Court. the date of which the constitution was adopted is 24 August 2007.18 years of age is when they can vote.


Most of their people in Thailand earn $10,000.The agricultural products their are rice,rubber, corn, sugarcane, coconuts, soybeans tourism, and garments, agricultural processing, beverages, tobacco, cement, light manufacturing such as jewelry and electric appliances, computers and parts, plastics, automobiles and automotive parts.The counties that Thailand trades with are Japan 18.4%, China 13.4%, US 5.9%, Malaysia 5.4%, South Korea 4%. the export partners are China 12%, Japan 10.5%, US 9.6%,Hong Kong 7.2%, Malaysia 5.4%, Singapore 5%, Indonesia 4.4.The % of the labor that is forced is industry 14.2,agriculture 40.7, and services 46.1.