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Friday, February 19, 2016


Well Done Cowboys!!!

Our Carpenter Cowboy junior scientists rocked it at the District Science Fair!
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Alyssa Franks-8th, Bethany Wang-8th, Lydia Britten-8th, Kayla Dang-7th, Ava Savage-7th, Deborah Dantzler-7th, Emma Poulsen-8th, Erich Anspach-7th, Isaiah St. Cyr-7th

Basketball Tournaments: Thursday, February 18th thru Saturday, February 20th

Please come and watch some great basketball starting Thursday, Feb. 18th. The kids would love to see you there.

For tournament schedules and locations, follow link below...

7th Grade A Girls Rank #12

7th Grade A Boys Rank #5

8th Grade A Girls Rank #4

8th Grade A Boys Rank #3

Howdy Carpenter Families,

Please join us for our annual Open House on Monday, February 29th at 6:00-7:30. We would love to visit with you about the great things going on at CMS and provide a brief update about your student’s progress. And, to top it off, we will host our staff versus student volleyball game beginning at 7:15. Let’s see if the students can finally win one against the staff! Additionally, your PTA will be here to provide information about how you can support CMS programs and students. Hope to see you there.

~ Courtney


What's on Deck

Thursday, February 18th thru Saturday, February 20th

  • A Team Basketball Tournaments Begin

Tournament Schedules and Locations

7th Grade Girls

7th Grade Boys

8th Grade Girls

8th Grade Boys

Tuesday, February 23rd

  • Orchestra Mid-Year Concert -Beg/ Recital Orch - CMS Stage - 6:30 to 7:30

Thursday, February 25th

  • One Act Play Performance - CMS Stage - 7:00 to 8:00
  • Orchestra -Pre UIL Concert -Concert & Chamber

Plano Senior High School, 2200 Independence Pkwy, Plano, TX 75075, United States (map)

Coming Soon...

Monday, February 29th

  • Open House @ 6:00; Staff v. Student Volleyball Game @ 7:15

Monday, March 7th thru Friday, March 11th

  • Spring Break

Check out the CMS PTA Event Calendar for future events.

For 8th Graders Only-Four Year Plan Meetings

February 2 - February 25

ALL INVITATIONS HAVE BEEN MAILED OUT. Your student will have a red folder with a reminder one week before your meeting.

Contact Janet Jordan, 8th Grade Counselor, at 469-752-5016 if you have any questions.

NJHS Student Reminder...

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Box Tops New Rewards

Students, keep turning in your Box Tops in sets of 25 to the school store! You can exchange them for your choice of treat! Candy, soda... so many choices!


National PTA Lifetime Achievement Awards Banquet

Kat Beckman, Karin Schneider, Marilyn Kusters, Courtney Washington, Thanh Nguyen, and Sarah Albers attended the PTA Lifetime Achievement Awards Banquet honoring Kat Beckman, Karin Schneider, and Carpenter's own Thanh Nguyen.

We are inspired by the difference these individuals make in the lives of Carpenter's students and staff. We tip our Cowboy hats to you!

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Back the Future!

Alex Trejo Scholarship Opportunity for Graduating Seniors Who Also Attended Carpenter Middle School

The Alex Trejo Scholarship is a $500 scholarship opportunity available for a 2016 graduating senior that also attended Carpenter Middle School. The scholarship is in memory of Alex Trejo, who performed every task, great or small, with utmost integrity. He served as a positive role model to staff and students at Carpenter for 24 years.

Scholarship Requirements/Application


Dear Parents,

Texas students in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades will participate in the state-required State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) this spring. STAAR is a state assessment program designed to measure the full range of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) in mathematics, reading, writing, science and social studies. STAAR was developed to identify students' academic achievements in writing at grade 7, in reading and mathematics in grades 6, 7, and 8, and in social studies and science at grade 8. We hope that students will regard the test as important, but that they will not approach the test with undue anxiety. In accordance with state guidelines, your son or daughter will be tested on the following dates:

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For any student who is absent on a testing day, a make-up test will be completed during the testing window. Results of the 8th grade mathematics test, and of the 8th grade reading test will arrive at the school approximately 2 –3 weeks after the date of the test, and they will be distributed to parents as soon as possible. Students who do not meet the passing standard will have additional opportunities to retake the 8th grade reading and mathematics tests. Results of all other tests will be sent to parents at the end of this school year. The scores will provide teachers and other educators with information needed to help students improve achievement in mathematics, reading, writing, and science.

As always, we wish to keep parents involved and informed about student programs. Please contact your grade level counselor if you have any questions.

Cowboy Character

Confucius was a celebrated Chinese philosopher who lived 25 centuries ago. One of his rules for living was… “Ask yourself constantly, ‘What is the right thing to do?’"

Imagine how different the world would be if everyone stopped before making a decision and asked herself the simple question: What is the right thing to do?

Today, do what you know is right, and if you aren’t sure what is right and what is wrong, talk with someone you respect: a parent, teacher, counselor, or principal. Then take the advice of Confucius and make it a habit to ask yourself this: “What is the right thing to do?”

RODEO Tip of the Week

Do you ever feel like the only words that come out of your mouth are direct orders? “Empty the trash, be nice to your sister, put your phone away!” A big part of preventing bad behavior, however, is encouraging the good behavior when you see it, and a quick “good job” doesn’t cut it. In fact, phrases like “you’re so smart!” and “you’re the best on your team!” are anything but encouraging. Instead of focusing on positive internal qualities, they put the emphasis on outward praise, which does nothing to promote good behavior in the future.

True encouragement focuses on the deed, not the doer. It motivates a child from the inside to demonstrate similar positive behavior in the future, and to value things like hard work, improvement, teamwork and perseverance.

Encouragement can be as simple as, “Thanks for your help!” or “You really worked hard!”

Here are a few more examples to try around your house:

You should be proud of yourself!

Look at your improvement!

That “A” reflects a lot of hard work!

Thanks for helping set the table, that made a big difference.

I noticed you were really patient with your little brother.

What do you think about it?

You seem to really enjoy science.

Your hard work paid off!

That’s a tough one, but you’ll figure it out.

Look how far you’ve come!

I trust your judgment.

The time you’re putting into your homework is really paying off.

I love being with you.

You really put a smile on her face with your kind words!

That’s coming along nicely!

You really worked it out!

Thank you for your cooperation.

I see a very thorough job!

That’s what we call perseverance!

I can tell you really care.

You make it look easy!

You’ve really got the hang of it!

I can tell you spent a lot of time thinking this through.

The best part about using encouragement with your kids is the glow of happiness you’ll see on their faces. After all, “Your hard work is really paying off!” says you noticed their work, while, “You’re so smart,” might be hard to live up to next time. Try a little encouragement with your kids, and watch their behavior—and effort—improve.


Bond Proposal

On May 7, 2016, Plano ISD voters will decide on a $481 million bond proposal to fund initiatives recommended by the Plano ISD Facilities and Technology Task Force. Appointed in August, 2015 by the Plano ISD Board of Trustees, the task force included citizens, business leaders, teachers, principals and parents. The task force reviewed enrollment trends and projections, established construction and renovation needs, validated costs and sought input from fellow community members. After five months of study, debate and public input, the task force made final recommendations to school trustees which are included in this bond proposal. If approved, the bond initiative will provide funding toward eight major project areas with no increase to the tax rate and will impact all Plano ISD campuses through district-wide security updates, renovations and facility upgrades, as well as technology improvements. Find out more, including specific project allocations, at You may send questions to

Drug and Alcohol Prevention Information: “Did You Know”

Increasing Overdoses From Synthetic Cannabinoids (“Spice,” "K2,” etc.) in Several States.” Follow this link to learn more!

Gary Wilson

Director of Family and Social Services

Plano Independent School District


PISD Parent Workshops for February

Click English or Spanish for printable flyer.

Family Education and Guidance Services 469-752-2272

Williams High School Theatre Presents...

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Planoettes Loyalty Week at Nothing Bundt Cakes!

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Making Our Mark

“Make Your Mark” is the Plano Independent School District’s motto. At Carpenter Middle School, everything we do for our students, families and community is executed with compassion and determination. We are making our mark at The Ranch!