The Big Field

By: Mike Lupica

Novel Overview.

The Big Field By: Mike Lupica.

I would give this a book a 5/5 because there weren't really any slow parts. It was also about baseball which is one of my favorite sports. I would recommend this book to really anyone who like sports or other books by Mike Lupica.


Some of the Major characters in this book are Hutch, (The main character). Hutch's dad, Cody, And Darryl are the most important characters in the book. The main settings in the book are at baseball fields. The conflict is between Hutch and Darryl. They are both shortstops, it just depends on who is better. The genre of the book is sport fiction.
The Big Field

The Big Field

Mike Lupica has many other sports books. If you like books on sports then you will like most of his books. The story all changes when Darryl is now on the cardinals baseball team. The theme of the story is follow your dreams.