Southern Colonies

Maryland, Virginia, Carolina(s), and Georgia

Types of Colonies

In the Southern Colonies, there were five states, each with their own types of colonies. The Carolinas, Virginia, and Georgia were Royal. Royal colonies are ruled directly by a royal family of the English Crown. Maryland was the oddball and was proprietary. That meant you were given permission to someone from another person to start a colony, but it wasn't with a charter document.

Vocab Specific to Southern Colonies

Jamestown: The first permanent settlement in North America

Charter Colony: Is a colony started by a charter/document that gives the right to establish a colony (Virginia, Carolinas, Georgia).

Proprietary Colony: A colony established by a given person to another (Maryland).

Region: An area having definable characteristics but does not have fixed boundaries.

Cash Crop: A crop produced for its commercial value rather than its use by the grower.

Overall Description

Overall the Southern Colonies were very religious and agriculture based in their daily lives. The warm climate, trade, plantations, and base around anglican religion really is what makes the Southern colonies their own region and lifestyle. Every state had their own story of being established and becoming part of the Southern colonies region.


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Modern Day Examples from Each State

South Carolina: Geography- Known for its Marshlike sea islands on the coast and subtropical beaches. Political- Has the state constitution, a governor, state taxes and finances, and federal representation. Economy- Based on a cotton crop for manufacture and water power/energy. Also manufacture pulp and paper. Religion- 52% religion with the majority of Christian. Others include Jewish and Islam.

North Carolina: Geography- Lots of mountain terrain, blue ridges, forest, and Atlantic beaches. Political- Similar to South Carolina, has state laws and its own senators and governors. Economy- Grows 40% of all Tobacco in the U.S, and has a major production in furniture and textiles. Religion- 47.5% are religious. 7 percent are of a christian faith, including other religions within the branch like LDS and catholic. Few Jews and Islamics.

Maryland: Geography- Abundant waterways and coastlines. Chesapeake Bay and other famous beaches and coasts are there. Politics- The government is conducted via the Maryland Constitution. Has governors and senators. Economy- Lots of biotechnology, services, and manufacturing. 41% are religious. 15% are catholics, and 7 percent are another christian branch.

Georgia: Geography- Very humid, includes The Golden Isles of Georgia (off the coast), lots of tropical plants. Politics- State laws, governor and senators. Economy- Food, petroleum products, and transportation equipment. Religion- 83.4% of the Georgia population identify as Eastern Orthodox Christian. 11% are muslim, and the others also include Catholic.

Virginia: Geography- Atlantic Coastline, mountain terrain, lukewarm most of the time. Politics- Has senators, governors, representatives, and other government positions. Economy- Lots of cattle, tobacco, and peanut farming. Religion- 73% are christian, and they fall in the different branches of christianity. Less than 1% for Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu.