The History of McDonalds

BY Juan Felipe Silva

World war 2

World War 2 is considered the world's biggest war in the history of earth. This war contained all of the world's biggests and strongest nations including Japan, United States, Russia, Italy, Germany. This war contained two groups, The Axis and The Allies, The allies contained The United States, England and Russia, The axis were italy, Germany and Japan,. This war was a chaos of death, The Deutch were hosting the holocaust and the use of nuclear weapons which resulted in 50 to 80 million deaths. The war started in September 1 1939 when Germany invaded Poland and the United Kingdom setting war to Germany. The war basically started when Hitler started the holocaust. The Germans were starting to invade all of the european countries and the English did not like this. England contacted the allies who were Russia,United States,China. The allied countries started declared war to Germany and the axis. The holocaust was when Hitler started killing all the Jewish people because he said they were intruders to Germany and that they were not pure race. This war lasted 6 years and is considered the biggest war in the history of mankind.

Adolf Hitler

ADolf hitler was the leader of the NAZI organization, he was born on the 20th of april 1889 and died 30 april of 1945 by commiting suicide. He is considered the biggest killer in the history of the world. The holocaust caused more than 5million jewish people. in 1941 the german army by lead of adolf hitler ruled most countries of europe with theyre allies. Hitler married Eva Braun his lover during the battle of berlin, when the red army advanced he and his wife commited suicide to prevent being captured. Hitler did the holocaust because he wanted Germany to be a pure race without intruders. HE is considered one of the strongest and evil leaders in the history of the world. Hitler allied with Japan and Italy naming themselves the axis while they were fighting against the allies. He made a new society called the Nazis that killed everyone who werent Pure germans. He had a way of thinking that he wanted Germany to be the power of the world and rule everybody.

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Franklin Roosevelt

He was born on january 30 1882 and died on april 12 1945. When World war 2 started he said the America was an arsenal democracy. He decided to stay neutral for a while until the attack on china from Japan, in his first years he started sending weapons to the allies to support them.He officially declared war to germany and Japan after the Japanese made an attack to pearl harbor on december 7 1941. He teamed and allied with the Allies who were the soviet union,china and different european countries. He ordered the internment of 100,000 Japanese families who lived in the USA at the pacific coast in Hawaii. He made one of the biggest organizations in history who is the FBI and CIA. He probably was the one that cause the win of the allies in world war 2. Germany ruled all Europe except France and England so he decided to help and send troops to Europe the fight the axis. Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill and him all allied to defeat the axis army.p

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Winston churchill

He was the prime minister of Englands during world war. He was part of the allies, and he was truced with the USA, China and the soviet union. He also served as an offical in world war 2 of the army and he was the first honorary citizen United States. He also wrote books and painted. Winston Churchill was awarded the noble prize of literature. During world war 1 he served a President of board of trade and home secretary. In his life he served as many important places and served in England for many years. He is considered one of the heros of World war 2 along with franklin roosevelt. He and his country were the only ones who opposed againt the axis and fought them. He led britain until the allies defeated the nazis and axis

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