iPad 1:1 Custom training

Grades 1 and 2

SAMR Model & Starbucks Coffee

Make an iMovie Trailer

Please share it with the class in Showbie - class code U3Z8A

You can see which apps work with Showbie at link

If you have questions today add them to today's meet at https://todaysmeet.com/1to1Fisler

Ask 3

Let's use a flipped classroom idea with Ask 3 - what app would you use for this?


MoveNote ($)


Explain Everything ($)

Create a short video about using the flipped classroom with your students

Use 30hands or Tellagami

QR Codes

Try i-nigma as a reader

Goo.gl as a creator or Kaywa

Zippy to create on the iPad

Delivr to have more options

or http://goqr.me

Tide Q - create a colorful QR code

Augmented Reality


An example on YouTube of a student art exhibit with AR