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A Fresh Start - 10/10 - 10/14/16

Columbus Day - Four-Day Week!

Hello Bright Staff!

This is another 4-day week and I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend. Our students have had an even longer weekend and we will need to help them re-adjust to our school expectations.

Procedures & Expectations: Please take some time to review and practice the procedures & expectations. Our students have been out of the school routine for 4 days and this could be helpful for everyone.

Morning Meetings/Community Circle: I am so impressed with the lessons you are implementing with our students during your morning meetings and community circles. These lessons are focused on teaching and practicing calm down & self-regulation strategies, tolerance and overall community building. I would love to come in and record the amazing work. Let me know if you're willing to be recorded. Also, I'd love to record any special greeting you use when students enter the room. If you're looking for ideas, check out this link

Bright Core Team: Our core team is trained and complete. The members are Sarika, Carrie, Veronica, Brandon & Angela W. You should only call the core team if there is a risk of physical imminent danger to a student, staff or property destruction. If you need additional support in the classroom please call for Carrie 1st and then Angela W. Here is the link to the form we will use to collect data You can also find it in the Bright Staff Folder under PBIS_SEL.

Special Education Updates - There have been a few more adjustments with sped with room locations and case managers. The sped teachers will email you directly if a student in your class will have an adjustment.

Monday, October 10th: The custodial staff will working and the building will be disarmed. Your badge should work to allow you access to the building during the day. I strongly encourage you to enjoy your time off to be rested for Tuesday, but I want you to know the building will be disarmed.

Conference Room Sign Up: I learned last week that Becky keeps a calendar for the conference room. If you would like to use the conference room for meetings throughout the year, please sign-up with Becky. Just note that Tuesdays is our ARD day and the conference room will be in use on Tuesdays.

Clown Craze: I sent an email last week about the Frisco Fire Clowns. We do not have an assembly planned at this time, however, if you were considering an assembly with the Frisco Clowns please talk with me or Carrie. If you have parents contacting you with concerns, here is some language you can use, "we have not been drawn into the misinformation and the district will continue to monitor the situation."

Parent /Teacher Conferences: The window is now open through November 18th. Please document and keep a record of your conferences with families. Click the link to access the "Parent Notification of Child's Progress in Reading" letter. A completed copy of this letter should be given to the parents during parent/teacher conferences.

Thanks everyone and let's have a great week!

Instructional Highlights_You Got Caught...

Entire Staff for a great professional learning day on October 7th. You all did an amazing job of staying focused and planning for our students. 1st Grade for implementing the Kindness Pledge and for the student work displays. Check out Fabiana's class

Kindergarten for creating a wonderful area for student choice work displays, It even includes sweet pictures of every child where their work will be displayed. Angela S. for reviewing expectations and procedures when she noticed a need. Karie for holding a class meeting to talk through effort and working hard.

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Great Job!

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This Week is an A-Week!

10/10 - No School - Columbus Day

10/11 - Kinder Collaborative Planning

10/12 - 1st Grade Collaborative Planning

10/12 - Professional Learning - CFAs - 3:15 - Library

10/13 - 2nd Grade Collaborative Planning

10/14 - GMB - Rotary Winners! Extra emphasis on Bravery and Resilience

Principal's Schedule

10/12 - District Meeting 8:00 - 3:30 pm

Happy Birthday!

10/11 - Rachel J.

10/13 - Angela W.

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