Miss Vickers' Kindergarten Class

Welcome Back!

Happy New Year to everyone and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! The kids came back today so ready to learn and we had such a great first day back. I am so excited for everything that we have in store for 2014!

Updates and reminders

January 16th is our Kindergarten storytelling night. Exact time will come closer to the date, but you will drop your child off at school and pick them up later after school hours.

I sent home a Scholastic Order form today that is due Friday, January 10. There are 2 options to order books. You can either order them yourself online using this link:

https://orders.scholastic.com/LZMRF and the books will be delivered to school as usual, or you can fill out the form and send in a check and I will complete the order with the class. PLEASE make sure to put your child's name on the order form! If there are any questions, please do not hesistate to ask!!

We are in need!! If any parents are willing to donate Clorox wipes, we would appreciate this so much! We are constantly cleaning the tables, chairs, furniture, etc. especially during this time of the year and that requires lots of antibacterial products. If anyone is willing to donate these we would be eternally grateful!

Math Happenings

Starting this week, we will be discussing how we can use objects to add up to 5. This is something that I really encourage you to work with your child on at home if you have not done so already! This is something you can practice when doing simple tasks like getting dressed, making dinner, cleaning the house, etc. The kids will be so excited to show off their addition skills!

Writers Workshop

As we start the new year, we are starting a new unit of narrative writing. We are going to be writing stories that really focus on who, where, and what is in the story. We are also going to talk about writing stories that readers want to read. An easy way to help your child with this is whenever something interesting happens just say, "wow, that would make a great story, " or "I would love if you made that into a story for me to read!" This would make them feel like writers and give them ideas of what types of topics to write about during writers workshop.

As always, keep working with them on stretching out the sounds they hear in words. Remind them of our turtle talk. (Stretching out the word and writing down all of the sounds that they hear) Remember, that we are not looking for adult spelling at this point, it is alright if they spell kite kit, or night nit. At this point, we want to build their confidence as writers and work on conventional spelling of words.

Growing Readers

This week are practicing a new strategy, Skippy Frog. Try to have your children explain to you what this is and see if they can use it while you are reading together. This is when you come to a difficult word, you skip it and read the rest of the sentence then go back to the word, and see if you can figure it out. The key is that you have to go back to the word and not just skip it all together. Another very important key is that children have to be reading just right books! If you are reading books before bed time, or just want them to participate along with you, then it is fine if they cannot read most of the words. If you want the children to grow as readers, they need to be reading books they need to be able to read almost every word in the story. Every child will have different books that are "just right" for them and we are working to have them practice picking our books that are just right for them. It is important to stay encouraging and not say that any books are "too hard" or "books they can't read" but instead, call them "someday books" or "books that aren't right yet."