EUSD New Teacher Newsletter

News You Can Use - Spring Edition

Did You Know? BTSA Tidbits

Did you know...

  • all induction teachers are currently working on their self-selected action research, job embedded inquiries?
  • all inquiry coursework includes differentiation strategies for Special Populations and English Language Learners?
  • site and district coaches provide important resources and "action research" to help support new teacher inquiries?

Creating a Positive Classroom Culture - It's Never too Late!

Classroom Culture Videos and Resources

As Sara Brown Wressling, from the Teaching Channel states, "Creating a culture doesn't require a brand new semester or year, it only requires a fresh state of mind." It is never to late to begin! Take a look at these excellent Teaching Channel videos and resources. You will learn the "secret sauce" of classroom culture. Think about some changes you will make as we return from Spring Break!


We are so very proud of the quality of our new teachers and their professional development reflections. It is evident that new teachers are making work meaningful by providing enough time to plan, teach, reflect and apply. When this process is planned and embedded into grade level content/standards, the result is a powerful reflection and incredible professional growth.

Ashley Holmes - Teacher at Rincon Middle School

Take a look at Ashley Holme's most recent reflection. Ashley consistently models the attitude and behavior of a lifelong learner. Do you want to be really impressed? Take a look at Ashley's inquiry project, "Genetic Disorders" WebQuest.

Juan Martinez - Teacher at Mission Middle School

Juan Martinez is pictured below working with a small group of 7th graders, helping them analyze the historical developments of the Reformation. Juan is working specifically on differentiation and rigorous teaching strategies for his inquiry.
Big image

Chris Numbers - Adaptive PE Teacher

Chris Numbers is one of our three new Adapted Physical Education (APE) teachers. Chris is working with his students to improve cardiovascular endurance and continual movement. He differentiates instruction and provides daily feedback in relation to their individual learning goals.
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Highlights from the Cue Conference

Many teachers attended the Cue Conference last month. As always, participants left with a vast array of resources and lots of enthusiasm. Here are a few resources you may like to use.

Quiz-style Formative Assessment Resources

Poll Everywhere





Exit Ticket

Mastery Connect

Flubaroo (Google add-on)

Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything:

Concept mapping and mind mapping are used in the classroom in any number of ways. This page will provide the rationale for their use, links to samples and a list of tools to use to create them.


While visiting Desirae Long's classroom at Mission Middle School, Tara and Marta couldn't help but notice the catchy music playing in the background. As students were writing their opinion paper, their pencils and toes were tapping. Here's what they found out. The Vitamin String Quartet is a group of Los Angeles-based studio musicians who record new versions of songs by well-known rock, pop, and country artists, arranged for a small string ensemble. Desirae was streaming the music free through Spotify. It was evident the students enjoyed listening to "more classical" versions of their favorite songs. Thank you, Desirae for sharing this excellent music resource. You can hear a sample of VSQ performing Lorde's "Royles" by clicking on the video below.
Royals - String Tribute to Lorde - VSQ Performs the Hits of 2013 Vol. 2

Mark Your Calendar

Come sail with us as we take a cruise through new teacher inquiries at this year's Colloquium on May 20th at 3:30pm. Be prepared to be impressed as you learn about the work of our treasured new teachers. Invitations and more information will be coming soon.

Thank You to All of Our Coaches

On behalf of BTSA support providers and all of our new teachers, we would like to express

our appreciation to site and district coaches. We have enjoyed collaborating with you on professional development. We also appreciate your hard work and dedication in supporting new teacher inquiries and action research. Thank you!

Important Dates to Keep in Mind

April 15th - Last day to sign up for University Credit

April 17th - PD reflection #5 due for Year One

April 24- 5th Action Research and 2 tech Research items Completed - Suggested Date

April 27th- Collaborative Support Session - One room dedicated for e-portfolio support

May 1st - Deadline for e-portfolio submission for University Credit

May 11th - Collaborative Support Session

May 11th - Module C along with ITP ( if done separately) and module D Complete

May 20th - Colloquium

June 3rd - Colloquium Make Up