south american country project

Ecuador by Ashley Ley

interesting facts

Ecuador is named from the equador which runs right through the country.

Guinea pig is considered a delicacy.

Ecuador is the smallest country in the Andean highland.


New year

Maundy Thursday

good Friday

international workers day

the battle of pichincha

birthday of simon bolviar

Clothing and population

Men- blue poncho, fadora or felt hat, shimba(a long braid that hangs to the mans waist).

women- white blouse, blue skirt, and shaw, layers of necklases and reed coral braclets.

population- 15.74 million

goverment country and capital

goverment- republic

the capital of Ecuador is Quito, it is borderd by Columbia(north), Peru(east and south), and the pacific ocean on the west.


they speak spanish

hello- holla

goodbye- adios, chao

other interesting phrases- go away- vayasei

we speak German- hablamos aleman

cultural activities, and entertainment

Teatro Bolivar a theatre that is raited 4-5 stars

Easter week


tourist sites

located in the heart of Quito la lglesia de la compania Jesus,(the church of the society of Jesus.

Cotopaxi- the second highest summit in Ecuador w/ a height of 5,897 m.

Nariz del Diablo("devils nose").